Faction Capital Building changes

So I am going to bring the topic to light as I would like to see CCP actually review the cost of faction caps and supercaps as right now as they stand all except the titans are still pre LP and ISK changes for the LP store to get the BPCs for these ships. They also stated in their own update that once Havoc Expansion is released which it is they would review the build costs of capitals and supercaps of the faction kind since they reworked the faction titans to meet nearly the same build requirements as the racial titans.


With the Guristas Capitals moving to the new LP store, and with the LP changes to the Serpentis Capitals that arrived in a previous patch, the Pirate Capital build costs are being normalized.

  • Below you can find the updated build costs for the Vanquisher, Komodo and Molok.

The Vehement, Vendetta, Caiman, Loggerhead, Chemosh and Dagon will have their build costs looked at after Havoc."

Havoc: Expansion Notes | EVE Online

The biggest faction caps/supers that are affected by these changes is the Serpentis. With the supers having costs of 100 billion ISK plus 100 million LP for the Vendetta and a 10 times multiplier the build cost of a Vendetta when compared against the racial equivelant Nyx which makes building the Vendetta more then a Vanquisher which is a titan mind you. And the Vehement is just as bad with about a 6 times multiplier on a number of items as the racial equivalent the Moros.

I have done comparison of the other faction caps and supers against their racial equals
Loggerhead is near equal to that of the Minokawa
Caiman is near equal to the Phoenix (with exception of fighter bays due to Caiman being able to launch and use fighters)
Revenant is near equal to that of the Hel (Indicating this is a sister ship as it is the only one that near matches)
Dagon near equal to Apostle
Chemosh is near equal to Revalation
Vendetta is 10 times more expensive then Nyx
Vehement is 6 times more expensive then Moros

Now after doing all the comparisons it is pretty evident that the Serpentis are supposed to be very worth their while but the faction titans were made to match their racial titan equivalents. CCP please look into this and adjust the ships correctly like you did the titan class ships. Make manufacturing fair across the board. We know you wanted to make it more viable to get the titans as you released a new titan during the Havoc update but now it is time you follow up on your word and review manufacturing costs of faction capitals as promised post Havoc update.

Solution: Vendetta should get a 10X bonus damage buff, Vehement 6X bonus damage buff.

All is solved.

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Thank you Drew. I selected one of the quick topics wasn’t sure if I was putting it in the right spot. So big thank you for helping me out and getting it in the correct category.

If that were the case then no one would challenge a Vendetta or Vehement because they would be the ultimate at what they do. I just want them to make them equal costs to build like they did the titans so they are equal costs against their racial equal.

Unless you challenge a vendetta with a vendetta.

Why does everything need to be equal?