Spit-Balling Idears: Faction ship construction

here is another topic that was discussed in a recent EVE Idea session on TeamSpeak.

with the change to pirate faction sub-cap construction coming with equinox. the old topic of how these ships were sourced and made came up. it has always been a bit of an anomaly to many, that these ships required so many strange items to construct, from Gas to PI and minerals.

we came up with this more intuitive change that would streamline the production line and make more sense Law wise. for my example I will be using Serpentis ships.

The Idea:

1 - Gas and PI as a material requirement in all steps of the construction process for pirate sub-caps is completely removed.

2 - in order to construct a pirate ship from a BPC you will need 2 Equivalent hulls. a Faction chip and a small amount of raw minerals to complete the construction process.

  1. the Faction chip will be a rare drop from Faction pirate NPCs or from associated LP stores. (this is already the case for SOE ships)

The Example:

you run a Serpentis 4/10 and get the Vigilant BPC as a drop.
you take this BPC to a station and start a construction job, you will be required to provide a Thorax & Belicose as input materials as well as a Serpentis “hull” interface chip and a small amount of Basic minerals. Scotty the Hanger cheif uses these ships to slap together a Vigilant from the BPC you provided him. Vualla you are now the proud owner of a shiny new faction ship.

examples for input ships, minerals & chips would be:
Minerals: (varying amounts of)

Serpentis: Serpentis Augmented system interface chip
Daredevil - Incursus & Vigil
Vigilant - Thorax & bellicose
Vindicator - Megathron & Typhoon

Guristas: Guristas Drone AI interface chip
Worm - Merlin & Tristan
Mamba - Corax & Algos
Gila - Moa & Vexor
Aligator - Drake & Myrmadon
Rattlesnake - Scorpion & Dominix

Blood Angel: Blood angel exsanguination interface chip
curor - Punisher & Breacher
Ashimmu - Maller & Rupture
Bhaalgorn - Armageddon & Typhoon

Angel Cartel: Agnel experimental propulsion interface chip
Dramiel - Rifter & Atron
Mekubal - Thrasher & Catalyst
cynabal -Stabber & Celestis
Kizriel - hurricane & Brutix
Machariel - Tempest & Megathron

SOE: (As they currently are)
Astero - Tristan & Magnate
Stratios - Vexor & Arbitrator
Nestor - Dominix & Apocalypse

Mordu’s Legion: Mordu’s officer authorisation interface chip
Garmur - kestril & Atron
orthrus - Blackbird & Celestis
barghest - Raven & Dominix

Sansha’s Nation: Sansha’s Nano hive interface chip
succubus - crucifier & Condor
phantasom - Arbitrator & Caracal
nightmare - Armageddon & Scorpion

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Or, you could get better at the game. Go get your own gas and PI, it’s not that difficult with a bit of knowledge and planning.

hey Dark Drifter, I’d like to ask about your post for my own clarification.

are you suggesting that we should be able to build faction ships by using more BPC’s and other relevant Invention materials such as the faction chip you mentioned? (as well as the hull and other components)

I believe this is what you’re proposed based off of the example you gave, however your post is long and currently its late for me and am about to log out.

its my hope you’ll respond and i can then think things over with a clearer, well rested head and contribute to this interesting conversation sometime in the next few days.