Gate building events but with ship development

The pirate factions(Blood Raiders, Serpentis, Guristas) have stolen ship designs from the four empires, and upgraded them, but when are we going to get a pirate faction ship, and then one of the four empires steals the design, and upgrades it?

We have seen similar things were the empires/edencom/concord (or whoever it is that does that stuff) took the trig ships and modified them so capsuleers can fly them, but besides that, there hasn’t been anything like what i am thinking.

Or maybe an event like the gate building, but it is ship development, where you need to do missions and collect items to help fund a ship development project, and players that choose to work with/for opposing factions(pirate factions, or the empire’s fw enemy) can go blow up “research centers” to slow down, and maybe even undo some parts of the development of the ship’s shield/armor/weapons/power/propulsion units

This was how the t3 destroyers were implemented.
Donate sleeper blue loot to the faction of your choice, whoever got the most was the first one released (The Amarrian Confessor iirc).

We’ve recently had a whole suite of new empire faction Navy/Fleet variant ships like destroyers and dreads released into the game.

Oh, i wasn’t around when the tactical destroyers were released, but ccp should have released the navy destroyers/dreadnoughts in the same way


From memory, it was a fair chunk of rather valuable blue loot that wasn’t converted into isk in players wallets.

Although, it was a whole new market for j-space gas. Which is required for t3 production, but not for t2.

So, maybe not blue loot for navy faction ships, but some other resource?

Well, why were players involved in the gate building instead of just throwing them into the systems and that’s it?

There are too many ships already and its gotten so out of hand that in order to make them stand out they give them like 3 pages of role bonuses and modules that are exclusive to that class, and so on. Its not great.

Yeah, well there could be some really big war between the empires and a lot of the ship tech people get killed, and a lot of the blueprints get destroyed, so now there are are a lot less ships cuz you can’t make any more of the old ships, only the currently existing ships stay, and then we slowly get new ships again(maybe combining roles/bonuses of current ships and giving them new hulls) as the empires rebuild

i’m sure industrialists who’ve spent billions of ISK and years of research time will be totally OK with that…


Well then they could sell their unusable blueprints as special edition/collectible items

I daresay there’s far more fully researched blueprints out there than there are collectors prepared to buy them.

And that’s a pretty flippant response when we’re talking about something that will comprehensively wreck the playstyle and asset base of a significant chunk of the playerbase.

Do you understand how long it takes, and how much it costs, to research a Battleship or Capital BPO all the way to 10/20? Capital Parts BPOs? Nevermind a Titan BPO. We’re talking years here. Not a month or two like for a frigate BPO. Literally years.

I have friends in the ship production game. Their blueprint collections are worth many hundreds of billions of ISK.

And let’s not even talk about T2 BPOs. Those things can trade hands for a couple hundred billion a pop.

Well, say what you will, it was just an idea, and I as an alpha with no plans to become omega, honestly do not care if T2 and cap bpo research is lost

In my 10 years as a capsuleer, I’ve seen some pretty whacked out, game breaking ideas put forward in this forum before.

But “let’s delete All The Blueprints™” is on a whole new level.

It is called an idea, and it was my attempt to come up with a fix for the fact that we already have a lot of ships(possibly too many), and the only place where there is room to reasonably add more is as pirate ships, or creating more factions

Edit: and the original idea was to have player driven ship development, not having ccp be like, ok, let’s add this navy variant of some random ship that doesn’t have a navy/pirate faction variant yet, why are we doing this? Because we need more ships

Which is exactly what ccp are doing.

We’re getting pirate destroyers and battlecruisers along with the long promised Angel Cartel titan.

They do add new factions to the game from time to time. The Triglavian and Edencom factions and ships a few years ago for example.

They’ve just added another faction: the Deathless.

So, you’re asking for something that we’re already getting.

Yes, we are getting new ships, but it wasn’t player driven, which is what I really want

Edit: they might have added another faction but it doesn’t have it’s own ships

I will take that as a compliment

Please define “player driven”.

You really shouldn’t.

That is what I mean by “player driven”

Players donating resources to their chosen faction to develop the ship

We were always going to get all four t3ds, the blue loot donations just determined what order they’d be released in.

Yea, it might only affect the order they are released in, but I think it will be more interesting than if we just get the ship, there will be people collecting the resources, and people killing the resource collectors and slowing down the progress