Gate building events but with ship development

Why would people want to slow it down?
Unless this was tied to faction LP or something, I fail to see any incentive to do so.
I remember the blue loot donations. I figured I’d let other people deal with it and simply sell my blue loot. I saw no reason to run the risks of j-space krabbing for what I viewed as no reward. From memory, all we knew was we were getting tech three destroyers. We didn’t know the stats or attributes of them until they came out.
Now, if there was a clear reward, beyond getting access to a new ship sooner than a different new ship, I might be tempted to participate.

I didn’t say you had to like it, and it worked for the t3ds and the new gates, so why wouldn’t it work for any new (possibly pirate) ships?

Why not?

Because deleting All The Blueprints™ is such a spectacularly Bad Idea™ that it makes many of the truly Bad Ideas™ that have been put forward, and there have been many, look almost reasonable in comparison.
It’s the kind of Bad Idea™ that has the potential to cause players to quit the game, en masse.
It plumbs a whole new depth of idiocy that makes the Kola Deep Borehole look like something little Johnny dug at the beach.
In no possible way was it a compliment.

Remind me, where did I say that you had to like it?

Your initial idea of player driven ships isn’t a terrible concept. Compared to some of the ideas put forward in this forum, it’s actually pretty good and reasonable.

It’s not just me that wouldn’t like it. Every industrialist in the game would loathe the concept unless they were generously compensated in some way. Even then, the bulk would probably hate it.

Yea, that is probably true, but it was any idea, and ideas aren’t always good or make sense

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