Faction NPC should drop faction loot no matter what!

As a player, I had an atrocious PVE experience while doing nullsec scannable combat sites and their escalations.
To be clear, my motivation is in gameplay itself, not in isk-hunting, that’s why having a proper REWARD from PVE activity is crucial, IMO. In other words, “I woant those blue/green things I harvested myself”
You already have mandatory item which drops no matter what - Overseer Personal Effects. Now it’s time to add some more items to this list. Make sure if it’s an numerically RATED complex, there should be BLUE items included, not only faction/green!
Until then, I officially refuse to participate in any combat sites hunting in nullsec! Srsly, lost my hands down after “yet another personal effects” drop :[
Also, some faction items worths nothing, but this isn’t a problem of PVE, but of modules design itself. THeir bonuses, as I mentioned even earlier in different topic, should be “pronounced” in a more bold way - don’t be shy to add immense tracking for Shadow Serpentis railguns, for example! Or, longest falloff to Angel’s artyllerry. (hire a guy who write it all down!)

Wow this is a great way to devalue faction loot and crash vast swaths of the EVE economy.

Probably a reason faction/blue gear have a very specific drop rate likely determined by CCP.

Oh, you don’t want to do it!? You know that means less competition for others who do those PVE sites? By all means please quit doing it. You will make others richer. Going on strike has never worked in the history of EVE. This is just basic cause/effect here.

What a great way to break the game. (Ignoring the many typos)

This feels like a troll post. But I have a feeling this guy is serious…


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I’d say pirate commander tags should be worth something. In form of NPC buy orders. What is even the point in their existence if not to get something of value? They barely ever spawn and even when they do they have nothing of value 9.5 times out of 10.

This is why you have people in Gila, T3 Destroyers and whatnot doing the easiest content and ignoring anything above a refuge. And many stop at burrows. It’s a negative return in terms of time and money to waste time with anything more time consuming or take a risk outside of highsec. Who wants to travel 20+ jumps in an escalation chain to end up with nothing? And nothing feels like the rule, not the exception.

Modules and faction BP’s however only have their value because of scarcity. Those can’t be guaranteed drops.



Those 2 statements are mutually exclusive.

Isn’t the actual flying and blowing up of NPC spaceships the gamplay?


:exploding_head: It’s like if everyone in EVE had one trillion ISK no one would be considered rich!

I really hope OP comes back to defend his post. :popcorn:

Note my change of voice to threads like this. It’s easy to be snarky when OP is so clearly wrong.

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Everyone here is right. Doing that would devalue everything to the point of nothing providing bonuses, because everyone can easily get the same bonuses. The whole point of blue and green loot is to be expensive and better, because of their rarity and their valuable bonuses.

I’ve had dreams of crashing the market, but never to this degree or extent. If everyone has the bonuses blue loot provides, then nobody has those bonuses.

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Frostpacker had once increased the price of a ganker ship

Mandatory drops WILL decrease the price of faction modules, but why this is bad?
Look at Faction Warfare - its modules are reasonably expensive yet affordable.
Another thing is more “thin” - player’s satisfaction.
Developer gains player’s satisfaction when they throw goodies (among the other actions).
I’m pretty sure I’ll be happier, game-wise, if I’ll get the mentioned.
All the talk is about SLIGHT shift of balance, that’s it. Let’s try, and see what happens? Agree?

What, you’re not happy with the wonderful scrap metal we get after jumping 20 gates and killing 30 NPC? How ungrateful.
How about a brand new shiny t1 afterburner?:smiley:

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