What happened to the loot drops?

After having a break for a few years, i came back to eve 2 months ago because i have 3 months off work.
Anyway, i have been doing an awfull lot of exploring, doing combat sites ive scanned in highsec and low sec…

I have been doing this every day, along with other things of coarse but wheres the faction drops gone?
it never used to be this dead, i used to make billions from exploring and now after 2 months of doing it day after day ive been lucky to pick up 300mil or faction loot… no bpc’s… just tags and crap faction ammo/…

Have they nerfed it like everything else?

Just wanting to say, i make more isk from pi now lol…
i have done 6 sites in low sec this morning again… various ones…
i have my main in tengu and alt in ishtar but chaining and nada… quite boring actually, no incentive…

Bad luck? 4/10, 5/10 and 6/10 drop the same as long as I’m knowing them, 5+ years.


Drone parts are worth significantly less than they were a few years ago. This is because Excavator drones are not being mass produced due to repeated nerfs of the Rorqual.

If you do drone sites then this will affect your profits.

If you are talking about faction modules ( green modules ), majority of their prices have been slightly raising due to the more demand, especially for abyssal modified modules.
Abyssal mutaplasmids modifies modules stats, which is usually applied to the highest tier faction moduels.
Thus, for example, Top tier faction scramblers ( i.e. True Sansha Warp Scrambler ) price has increased by 25% since mutaplasmids introduced to the game. They used to be around 90M ISK for each and now is 120 - 130 M ISK.
In contrast, DED modules ( blue modules ) prices has dropped significantly. There are two reasons.

  1. Nullsec Nerfs
    Nullsec ISK making get nerfed again and again for the past few years. Many of null bears became refugees and are making ISK in the highsec. Thus There are more supplies from the HIghsec DED complexes.
  2. Surgical Strike
    CCP nerfed all the resistance modules in a surgical strike update. This has impacted all the resistance modules. For example, current Pithum C-type resistance modules hold only what T2 used to have. It increased the demands of DED modules and price had raised a while. However eventually people stop to used DED modules because they don’t make much difference as it used to do.

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