Faction warfare gates do not allow exhumers

I have big problem since all kind of faction warfare attack or defend sites reject exhumers. My miner militia cannot join very efficiently to the wf and do not earn any loyalty, since those sites are impossible to reach.

Make acceleration gates to accept exhumers.

I think you are trolling :thinking:

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Aren’t larges ungated,

They should allow it, free kill mails for folks.

Are you sure? Skiffs are basically PvP ships with some an additional mining lasers attached.


Yeah, I’m sure there would be some surprising results both ways, it be interesting tho.

Medium plex should allow medium sized ships in. Any, except for T3 cruisers. Though even they are probably can be ok there… Most fights goes in novice / small anyway.

It dies not. I have tried. I must always keep vigil on gates, but i cannot attack tribal sites nor follow enemies to defend imperial sites.

Has anyone tried if they can enter abyssal space with a skiff?

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