Faction Warfare in 2021

There’s alot there that we have talked about. I like thr idea of the rat pointing because it adds risk.

You want to run the plex. Ok…but that rat is a danger to u so u need to kill it fast.

As for the timer. I feel it should count back down to 0…not immediately zero…but go back to neutral.

Also I’d like to see two rats in each plex.

One from each side perpetually fighting for it so if u went to deolex you would still have to kill the rat.

I’ve been meaning to write an addendum to this post for a while. Just busy…plus the new mining patch is getting most of my rants atm.

Thx for keeping this post going guys!

The trouble is if you guarantee a warp disruption from the spawn inside the plex it has significant change and impact on defensive deplexing and solo play.

Oh the rat will point for me so I can just go dual web comet/DD/Atron and smash whatever comes in. Then people just won’t slide in without backup.

I think careful consideration of possible consequences needs to really be analysed to ensure that there are still options for soloist, pairs, small gang and big fleets.

I am confident that farming is better combated but sorting out the tier LP bonuses and by developing the proper Ranking & LP store link. That and take away the standings issues that make many not try FW in the first place.

It would be better if the factions held very negative standings towards the Militia by some mechanism.

If all Militia corps were Pseudo members of the Militia Corp then the standings drop could be pointed at 24IC, TLF, FDU & SP.

Leave the Militia and your standings are restored.

I haven’t been playing eve that long but I’ve only been doing FW since I started. Here are a few thoughts I’ve had in my year and a half of exclusively doing FW.


  1. The tags in plexes can be turned in to the FW LP store for a token
  2. A token is required as payment to be able to accept a FW mission
  3. Some number of novice tags are required to get a level 1 mission token, small tags for a level 2, medium tags for a level 3, etc.

I believe the above would put more people in plexes to fight if they want to farm the missions.

Anchorable Structures

Also, unrelated-ish to farming, i think it would be interesting to be able to anchor certain FW specific defensive and offensive structures (usable and purchasable by FW store and pilots) near the infrastructure hub. I don’t have much experience with anchoring or structures but some examples could be:

  1. Some anchorable structure that adds an additional rat to each Plex (this seems to happen anyway sometimes due to a bug)
  2. Some anchorable structure that increases all Plex npc damage by say 10% and another one that increases defense by 10% (hp, resistances, reps, whatever)
  3. Some anchorable structure that increases/decreases mining yield, industry job costs, or other industry related things like that (bring more industry to lowsec or attack people’s industry)
  4. Some anchorable structure that increases/decreases all npc bounties (bring more neutral ratters to lowsec)
  5. Some anchorable structure that causes open plexes to start timing down as long as there is no one in them (probably some restrictions like the timer has to be run at least 50%).
  6. Some anchorable structure that increases or decreases the time between plex spawns.
  7. Some anchorable structure that decreases all LP gained in the system (whether dplex or oplex) - probably only useful in your home system.
  8. etc. etc. cyno jamming, and other things.
  9. maybe some sort of thing similar to how nullsec has those jump gates but they can only exist between systems that are owned by the same militia and if one is destroyed the other pops as well.

The structures above can be destroyed similar to other types of structures but maybe with a shorter lifespan and shorter armor/structure timers. E.g. lasts for 15 days and the timers are 12 hours for armor and 12 hours for hull. There can only be 1 of each type of structure. All structures are destroyed if the system flips.

They can only be bought via FW LP store. They might

More People in Militia

As for more people in militia, I’ve heard people say “but my standings!”. What’s so bad about starting new players off with bad standings against nemesis factions? Maybe a lot I don’t know but if there is a trade hub in each of the factions areas (Jita, Amaar, Hek/Rens, Dodixie) so no one is going to get locked out of buying things. Also, if you want good standings with everyone then grind the missions available to do so. That excuse of “but my standings” won’t matter if everyone starts with bad standings towards enemy factions. Again, this one probably is a bad idea but i don’t do PVE so maybe my perspective is ignorant.

Someone mentioned militia career path - i like that i think it’d be good to push players who want to pvp into militia.

LP for PVP
Don’t use the tier system for payouts for pvp kills - whatever the max is (now or w/ changes) is what pvp kills should always be.

Anyway, sorry in advance if these are garbage ideas - i just like to pvp and i want more people and less farmers in FW lowsec

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