Faction Warfare is dead, long live our robot overlords

Like that wouldn’t be abused to holy hell.

Yes, feature design is a difficult craft, especially in a system as complex as EvE online. Unintended side effects are the name of the game. Hell, CCP screws it up frequently, and its pretty much their job. Remember how they changed plexes to not admit ships with warpstabs fitted, but forgot about the venture with its default +2 stabs?

All we can do is point out those unintended consequences and how and where they are affecting the game. Give CCP advance notice of things they’d only find out via trailing indicators otherwise, and just how severe the different developments in the EvE universe can be.

CCP has said in the past that they want to revisit faction warfare, fix some of its flaws. Missions and the tier system of course being big concerns. But the premise of faction warfare is fun, and the flaws we can live with. Of course that has been said as a CCP ‘soon’, which can be a very long time. But we’re patient.

The recent botting problem however, well, that might decimate faction warfare in short order, and there will be nothing left to revisit.

Please explain.

I’m using my alt in Frderal Defence Union to defend any beacen on my Venture. And I’m not a bot. I’m not good in PVP. But i defend and doing it well, even ceptors can’t catch me. So they are loosing interest in pursue me. I didn’t played EvE for 2 weeks. And what i see now? T3 modifier to LP. 56%!!! 10 systems lost! I dunno what wrong, bur now FW is uneffective to defend.

Yeah, each time one of these bots closes a novice, it knocks LP off the system upgrade level. If they do it for long enough, it drops the entire faction tier. I’ve spend 500k LP to keep Amarr in Tier 2, many others have done similar, but right now its just untenable.

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Hey, guys. We’ve been reading up on your thoughts and observations here and doing a bit of digging. As you know we’re not happy about where we are in general regarding bots. There’s more work and research to be done until we get there. But as for right now, we’ve hit some FW warfare bot farms and will continue looking into them.

We know the burden is on us to do the things only we have the power to do but you can help us by keeping those bot reports coming and also by spreading awareness about the effects of black market RMT, which is what’s driving these FW bots mostly.

Thank you for your feedback, help and patience on this.


Bots are producing LP that is then traded for goods which are then sold for isk, isk is then sold on eBay thus the person who purchased it on eBay doesn’t need to buy plex from CCP to sell on the Eve market because he can afford to put his skill injected 3 week old Legion pilot in a new bling fitted T3 cruiser after losing the last one 2 days earlier.

Well that is one scenario where plex demand doesn’t increase maybe you can explain one where it does ?

Thank you for noticing the effects these bots have had on Faction Warfare and taking steps to ammeliorate the issue. We will certainly perk up again if these bots do return and start disrupting the warzone again.

That said, we’ll keep reporting these bots as we see them and be spreading awareness as best as we can. As players we care about the ongoing health of the EvE universe as much as CCP does, so anything we can do to help, we will try to help with.

Faction warfare has come together across militias to deal with this issue, reporting bots, developing fits to hunt them, creating strategies to deprive them of plexes, to deprive them of income and reduce the damage they do. But as correctly stated, CCP is the only entity able to pull the trigger on these bots. We’d ban them if we could, but that’s power we can’t be entrusted with.

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Support for ubber multiboxing - about 1/4 of whats needed for botting - check
Support for AFK and “passive” gameplay, including auto functions - another good chunk of whats needed for botting - check
Ultra low minimum system reqs so that too many accounts can run on a single machine - check
Bot friendly gameplay mechanics including combat - check
Unverified Alpha Account creation without requirements for a valid CC or any other for of verified ID - check
Allowing 3rd party apps for startup and logging the game - check

All 100% on CCP. Yea bots would still exist but am willing to bet no where near the proportions which we are seeing today.


They won’t be multiboxing, they will be running virtual operating systems otherwise they would all need to be Omega.

I don’t think it is that easy to make bots that is why they have flaws thus why it seems strange that CCP has not put a spanner in their spokes

I agree that RMT is a way ISK will change hands in game.

What you say though doesn’t mean what I said isn’t true as well. I think thera are bot users who sell their LP for ISk and buy PLEX on the market or directly for CCP. I have not read any argument coinvincing me such a thing doesn’t happen. And selling Plex to either the bot user himself or a third party brings money tpo CCP.

In other words, unless not a single bot user ever uses plex to add game time to his account, CCP is making money from botting. However, yhis doesn’t not mean they make a profit botting, in case you think, I think they do.

Yes I am sure he manages to sub his main account but do you really think he wouldn’t be able to do that without the bots ? It’s a Mickey Mouse fantasia of automated broom sticks funneling isk to one player with zero contribution to game content.

Yep and you thought mission farmers were abusing the system.

To help stamp out and destroy some of the bots, have you all thought about advertising in the areas of space surrounding where FW is to try to get some hisec corps to come down and help?

Personally I only really catch them on stargates and in a ship that would last 5 seconds if it took gate guns so that would be impossible if they were not war targets.

The Atron FW bots should be banned for now thanks to the wrath of CCP Peligro. Thanks to everyone who has been reporting them on the forums and using the ingame tool.


Yeah had a roam about and none to be seen… Good Job guys!

I kind of miss the little guys(joke)

Nice nice.

At least it is somewhat of a nuisance until the bots are replaced.

our sincere thanks for swinging the ban hammer on this, we will report them when they are back, i’m guessing a day or so, so that we can keep waging war on the botters.

Patience is the greatest virtue of faction warfare players