Faction Warfare is dead, long live our robot overlords

FW is something I’ve thought about getting into but this thread is a good primer for the state of the game

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I think today was a great example. Sosan was yet again vulnerable even though we have been dplexing it all week long. This time Ushra’Khan actually showed up with a fleet taking buffer plexes preparing to bash it (first time in weeks I’ve seen most of those people anywhere in the region).

After finding out that no one in amarr militia is gonna come fight them since

  1. we’re all so burned out (some brave souls tried)
  2. we lost a ton of members, (Yondu has lost 27 members this month because “FW is boring”)

UK just…left. Never came back to bash it. So we didn’t lose a system, yay?

Right now, FW is dead. Not soon…not “if we don’t change things”…it is dead. now.


Atrons, atrons everywhere.

At the end of the day this kind of issue gets added onto the top of the pile of things Team Security have to deal with, along with things like RMT. Trust me, they’re not ignoring the reports, the reports just need to filter through the system.

As much as the CSM can say we’ll bring it up, we ultimately have very little say when it comes to Team Security (which I’m thankful for as it means nobody can push for an agenda). We’ll do our best though!

I for one believe that bots are ultimately more harmful to the gameplay of legitimate players than something like RMT is. I really hope both TS and the bot catching algorithms can catch up.


We understand that there is a lot of reports and that there is a pipeline for these things to filter through. We just want to shine light on the gravity of this situation’s impact on faction warfare and those that roam this warzone.

But whilst I’m certain that there is other types of bots that cause immeasurable economic damage, most of their impacts are indirect. Ratting supers increase ISK inflation. Exploration bots drop loot prices for other explorers. Mining bots deplete ore belts with mechanical indifference, leaving nothing behind for actual players.

But none of these activities are mortally wounded by the presence of these bots to the extend that Faction Warfare is right now. Theirs is a subtle ache, we are gasping for air. We see the impacts everywhere we turn, everytime we look.

In the system contested percentages, as they tick up ever so gradually despite our best efforts.
In the system tier system, as our upgrades slowly errode.
In the plexes around us as we spend hours every day trying to keep up a semblance of sanity.
At the tradehubs, watching 30 odd atrons undock as the clock strikes.
On our killboards, as some of us kill dozens of them, just for them to flow back in like water.

Without CCPs help, Faction Warfare will die. Within less than a month of this, our corporations have started hemmoraghing members. Apathy has spread through every militia. The only reason why some of us still hold on is the faint hope that CCP will ban these bots, that things can return to normal, that this too will pass.

I mean for now we’re holding out hope, but there is only so long we can take this.

we may not always get allong but you are always welcome in our warzone https://zkillboard.com/kill/73776365/ this fit has had great success at catching them before they warp off, hyper spacial rigs mess with there maths then you have enough time to lock and point them. not my fit by the way, all credit to templar dane bot-slayer.

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also in case anyone is wondering the scale i made a graph, i think there may be something statistically significant happening, about 3-4000 extra dead atrons with no increase in kills by said atrons. This is not proof of bots specifically but it is pretty damming circumstantial evidence



I’ll give it another try later today, maybe head into Minny FW space. Thanks for the fit, I’ll keep it in mind and in the meantime make some adjustments to my devastating Slasher.

How many staff are in Team Security?


One man and his dog, friend.


I hate to be “Mr. Negativity” but I honestly don’t see anything happening. Not anytime in the near future at least. I mean come on, there are multitudes of VNI bots still farming null. All of which are constantly reported, and many even share the same corp. If CCP can’t even ban well known botting corps, (come on, what could be easier than right clicking on corp name and selecting “ban”) what makes you think this will be handled with any amount of urgency? It won’t. Just sit back and enjoy the ride boys. It’s a looooong way to the bottom, and it can get much, much worse.

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its just a pointless fight at this point
i give it a few days maybe weeks until even more people start leaving and it gets noticable
personally i think its dead and gone but i still have hope it recovers because i have/had alot fun with it but its not much left to hope for

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The 3 day ban should be made into a perma ban, thats the only way CCP is going to solve botting. Anything else is going to be ineffectual.

I believe the security team is aware of the issue.

The fact that all those characters are young and the fact that every character that I reported has been banned, because I haven’t seen him again, tells me that the security team is doing what it can with the tools that they have.

It also tells me that they can’t stop this bot army.

CCP doesn’t know who is making those bots or where they are coming from
CCP can’t stop them from making new accounts
CCP can’t prevent them from running multiple alpha accounts on the same machine

CCP will choke on this one

i hope security is aware, with the number of reports they should be and the fact we have had 2 csm members here means they will be soon if not already.

I want to believe in them, that is why we are here making a bunch of noise on the forums because we are still holding out hope that ccp can do something to help us but i agree, they can make as many accounts as they like and as it only takes a few days to grind enough isk for an injector the time to act is short, if they can make an account, grind isk and sell an item for real world cash before ccp can ban the account and seize the assets then it doesn’t matter how tough the response is. if they can make money like that and they can automate it then they can just keep doing it, sure there customers will get hit too, sure they will loose accounts but who cares as long as they are rich.

because of this security is in the extremely difficult situation of needing to be certain enough to ban an account/ group of accounts from the game within a few days maybe even 1 day of the first report or it may be too late to hit the operators.

I still believe in you ccp, i know you will try to solve this even if it is just for the sake of your bottom line as demonstrated earlier by cixiang. Its not an easy job but if we don’t win here we loose faction warfare, null is half overrun, and the jita bots are still around, where is left for legitimate players?

TQ needs a full restart or a new region where botting is banned and I don’t mean RMT botting banned I mean all botting.

botting is currently banned everywhere within eve, it is a blatant breach of the eula and is punishable by bans handed down by ccp. a new region could be cool but there are currently massive sectors of empty nullsec no one is using, they are defended by null blocks but no one realy uses them.

i’m not sure what a full restart would do and would personally be against it, sure it would wipe out the titan blobs and the cap blobs but groups are tied together by more than that, they would just rebuild from scratch. also as annoying as the super cap blobs can be they are still players (ratting supers aside) when it comes to rebuilding from scratch bots would be even more valuable than they are now and it would just make the problem worse.


There are no Minmatar fleets, only bots, this has never happend.

All these systems have been left vulnerable for almost a week now!




Yes CCP please help The Amarr… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

On a serious note, both sides have been working to kill the bots… and have come up with some really ingenious ideas such as abandoning covettes on the Novice complex gates… The bots see them on d scan when they enter the sys and will not warp to the Novice plex ( the bots only use Novice plexes). There are other ideas in the works for dealing with the bots ourselves.

Oh and CCP, players would like to see more rewards for killing the bots… such as higher LP rewards.

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They need to get rid of ship restrictions for one… Claims to be a sandbox… restricts shiptypes in sites core to the story of the game…