Faction Warfare is dead, long live our robot overlords

(Sepheir Sepheron) #203

People can afford plex. Bots don’t need to exist to buy it. Probably every vet of eve with decent in game income plexes their account, or they pay directly to support CCP. Majority of them don’t bot either.

(Sophie Natnde) #204

yeh, i have been paying a sub but am now starting to pay it with isk. a little extra farming and you have your plex. the botters are lazy people who don’t care about the damage they cause or profiteers that don’t care if they kill the game as long as they can make a quick buck.

i would love to see any accounts associated with the null sec botters gone, titans and all, for every vni bot there is bound to be a player flying in a fleet that doesn’t want to pay for plex. it may also partially answer the question some people were asking on a different thread of how to break up the big power blocks in null, would certainly cause disruption as the cheaters were removed although this is a side effect and should not be the primary motivation.

How to fix bots
(Tater-nuts) #205

You will know CCP is taking the upswing in botting seriously when they add some more staff to Team Security, even for a short duration of 3-6 months. I feel for the 1-2 guys that are trying to keep up with all the reports and investigation involved in finding bots. It must be as frustrating for them as it is for the FW pilots.

It’s nice that some CSM members are taking note of the botting problem in low sec. However, before you throw all the focus on FW, I hope your looking in your own backyard called null sec. Players as connected as yourselves within the politics of null sec, know exactly who is playing above and below board. Even back when I spent time in null sec with CFC, players were using Ishtars and botting most of the day. Now it seems to have switched to NVI and Supers.

Hopefully CSM members are using their connections to help the game and player base as a whole and clean up all areas of space, including null sec. The game has become more passive over the years, especially with the addition of Rorqual mining and I am sure there are many botters throughout null sec, as well as high and low that need to be trashed.

(PinkMonkey Dragon) #206

Looking at some of your KB’s, it’s 100% clear it’s bots.

Thing is you’re not alone, we have amarr bots running almost constantly in galmil space right now, especially in and around the system of Heydalies (sp?) there’s ALWAYs one in there, if not 2-3, and systems around it have 2-3, they come from either hysera, or mesybier, or villore. Atrons.

But this isnt new either. Remember in june, when they patched the accel gates to not allow warp stabs–THAT BROKE SLIDING (ccp, fix pls, so not everyone and their mother is getting loki’d)… caldari FW colapsed overnight…

why? because 95% of their effort was from bots putting pressure on systems using warp stabbed merlins and punishers. I had to invent a crazy dramiel fit to put catch them (and could catch them 5+ times an hour in the same system).

I’ve been in fw for 4 years, and the bots evolved slightly. they used to be trickier–they woudl warp out of a plex, and make a bookmark, somehow, impossibly close to the plex (within 1 au). Probes, half the time, would land you at the plex, not on them. they wouldnt be inside either. I have not seen one of those bots in a very long time.

Also, they are TONS on mission running bots in galmil–they use either comets (because they’re OP), or jackdaws, in flets from 3-10. Same guys run them 23/7. Same pack of bots has been at it for years–reports do nothing.

CCP needs a HARD look at why FW is falling on its face, and in large part, its the bots.

putting warp disruptors on the rats might really have to become a thing guys.

(Brisc Rubal) #207

We’ve been doing that, and I know most nullsec alliances have little toleration for botters. We just booted a group of botters out of our renter alliance. Most groups don’t tolerate that kind of behavior in their space.

Most important thing folks can do is keep reporting bots as they find them. The more info CCP has, the more likely it is and easy it is for them to take action.

(Nicolai Serkanner) #208

I am not sure what point you are trying to make.

(Erik Aihaken) #209

Any suspicious or non-responding looking gallente venture or anything, I just shoot down automatically.

(Lulu Lunette) #210

Here’s some crossposts for this discussion, anywhere else but their own forum, right :laughing:

I never did get into Faction Warfare, but lowsec gameplay I’ve always found to be very intriguing. It seemed to be the place to go if you were into the solo game and the community had a real blogging renaissance back in the day with pirate and solo fighting stories.

Reading all that and being inspired, I too grabbed my favorite T1 Frigates in the hopes of living these lowsec stories for myself but after an hour of running around I’d end up just self destructing myself back home in frustration.

I would have gladly bought piles of tech one frigs all ready to rock with the money I made carebearing all the time but there was no fights to be found anywhere. FW and lowsec were extremely overrated and I’m sorry if that offends you but that was my experience from it. I’m glad this thread has really highlighted the problems it’s got and maybe it will eventually lead to some much needed FW changes.

(Nana Skalski) #211

I grinded some complexes for a week and even pvped on another character. It was few years back, but one needed to be careful to not be catched while doing those FW sites. It was botable tho like basically everything else. Now there are even bots in hundreds that are in npc corps hauling some stuff in hauling missions in high sec. Warping to 0 and names like from a generator, alpha characters. Obviously grinding LP points. Some people ganked them, one person in particular is known for fighting with them. @Wanda_Fayne/ I even gave 1B for the purpose of that battle with bots, some time ago.

(Lulu Lunette) #212

I’ve run plenty of highsec anoms, maybe not as many as some but I wondered sometimes if the random people that showed up weren’t just botting

(Nana Skalski) #213

There were some reports of them doing it, but exploration sites, especially combat anomalies in high sec, also those that have to be scanned are few and far between and dont provide perfect botting environment for that reason, also because of competition with human players.

(Wanda Fayne) #214

Thanks for that, it helped us wipe out a number of bot farms in highsec. Watch them, tag them, interact and kill them. Then watch and report all of them. It definitely isn’t profitable doing this in highsec, but it seems the right thing to do.

It isn’t really that hard to tell the difference between bots and players in most cases it just takes a bit of time and attention.

(Capn'JT Kirk) #215

Confirming… Atron bots gone. Nice job.

(Capn'JT Kirk) #216

Oops… still a few bots around…

(CiXiang Reytzenstein) #217

Well, it could be busier, but we’re working on that. Were you in the Cal/Gal warzone by the way? Calmil recently took quite the beating, and hes left to regroup, so Galmil also left since they’re uncontested. I’d say there is probably more action in the Am/Min warzone right now. If the bots do keep away and we get a handle on his warzone we might take a look at sneaking up into the caldari warzone, see whether we can kick things off again there.

(Lulu Lunette) #218

I definitely found myself more on the Amarr/Minmatar side. Would go right to Amamake. I did find at least a few fights in my three years of playing that were legit 1v1 and I was left walking away or dead with the goodfight shakes :smile: but it was usually beyond dead (like I was the only one roaming around) or some terrible alt ECM/trap gameplay. I was okay dying to a gang. I was so smug about how dead lowsec FW was I would just cruise through it in my PVE Gila all the time.

The other thing I would do is ask the streamers like Rahne for honorable 1v1. Which is fun in it’s own way too :slight_smile:

I had much more success doing my best impressions of @Suitonia in nullsec. I even staged from the same highsec system as he did. I’d go through piles of Kestrels and I had some bizarre luck out there catching people behind their intel-protected pockets :smirk: (edit) To expand on this thought, lowsec players are the sharpest in the game I think - if you’re going to fight them you better know what the heck you’re doing. In nullsec, it was common to find someone as clueless and dumb as I was at the game lol

The bots going away can’t do anything but help the situation I would think? But my situation wasn’t a botting problem as it was a complete lack of an actual Eve ecosystem.

(Bloodclart Raider) #219

I thought that it was obvious, there is no positive outcome for Eve or CCP from allowing bots

(Yiole Gionglao) #220

Bots are parasites. There is nothing good in allowing a parasite feed on your game, specially one that kills it in the process.

No matter how some paint it, a bot drives away more money than it brings, specially since many bots are aimed at not spending money.

(Nicolai Serkanner) #221

Which is als NOT my point. And your post was absoliutely not clear.

(Bloodclart Raider) #222

Looks like your point to me.