Faction Warfare is dead, long live our robot overlords

(Venom Anarchy) #182

They won’t be multiboxing, they will be running virtual operating systems otherwise they would all need to be Omega.

I don’t think it is that easy to make bots that is why they have flaws thus why it seems strange that CCP has not put a spanner in their spokes

(Nicolai Serkanner) #183

I agree that RMT is a way ISK will change hands in game.

What you say though doesn’t mean what I said isn’t true as well. I think thera are bot users who sell their LP for ISk and buy PLEX on the market or directly for CCP. I have not read any argument coinvincing me such a thing doesn’t happen. And selling Plex to either the bot user himself or a third party brings money tpo CCP.

In other words, unless not a single bot user ever uses plex to add game time to his account, CCP is making money from botting. However, yhis doesn’t not mean they make a profit botting, in case you think, I think they do.

(Bloodclart Raider) #184

Yes I am sure he manages to sub his main account but do you really think he wouldn’t be able to do that without the bots ? It’s a Mickey Mouse fantasia of automated broom sticks funneling isk to one player with zero contribution to game content.

(Venom Anarchy) #185

Yep and you thought mission farmers were abusing the system.

(Geo Eclipse Oksaras) #186

To help stamp out and destroy some of the bots, have you all thought about advertising in the areas of space surrounding where FW is to try to get some hisec corps to come down and help?

(Venom Anarchy) #187

Personally I only really catch them on stargates and in a ship that would last 5 seconds if it took gate guns so that would be impossible if they were not war targets.

(Suitonia) #189

The Atron FW bots should be banned for now thanks to the wrath of CCP Peligro. Thanks to everyone who has been reporting them on the forums and using the ingame tool.

(Pol Macsliebh) #190

Yeah had a roam about and none to be seen… Good Job guys!

I kind of miss the little guys(joke)

(Maekchu) #191

Nice nice.

At least it is somewhat of a nuisance until the bots are replaced.

(Kathrine Natinde) #192

our sincere thanks for swinging the ban hammer on this, we will report them when they are back, i’m guessing a day or so, so that we can keep waging war on the botters.

(Aves Asio) #193

Patience is the greatest virtue of faction warfare players

(Brisc Rubal) #194

Thanks for posting, Guard. Keep fighting the good fight against these ■■■■■■■ bots.

(Tater-nuts) #195

There are not only GalMil bots, but Amarr and a few Caldari bots as well. They all have the exact same fit and act the same way.

I am having my best luck catching them on the gate warping into the plex. Sometimes they get stuck on the warp gate, but they always pause for about 4-5 seconds before warping into the plex, which is plenty of time to tackle.

(Kathrine Natinde) #196

as an amarr player i have noticed the gal mill ones the most but they all need to go, its good to hear of another on the crusade to kill, report and remove them no matter which militia they join

(Raphael Warborn) #197

FW is starting to get pointless. Cant chase robots around all day to protect territory. Just to lose it against bots again

(Erik Aihaken) #198

Thank you CCP Guard, but we would only consider this a quick fix.

Please, do bring a long term solution to this problem because I can assure you whoever was behind those farms can easily be back up and running again in as little as a couple days if he wants to.

The warp scrambling plex rats idea the other guy had, and making plex rats overall more dynamic, was a way to start looking. Not to mention it would bring more interesting prospects for pvp, should one forget to kill the rat before warping out, for instance. I would also make rats hit a lot harder than they do currently, or even scale its dps up as they pop and the timer proceeds …

Your consideration is much appreciated !

(techzer0) #199

I have been anti-bot for years.
While I appreciate you bringing it up. I fear CCP doesn’t care.
Bot use is rampant in every aspect of EVE and exposing them does nothing.
The alliances allowing botting renters haven’t been zeroed out and disbanded.
The market bots are still .01 isking 23/7.
The FW bots are still earning tons of cash for almost no risk and massive reward.

There is no end. Either the security team can’t keep up or they just ban the most blatant bots on occasion and pretend they are making a difference.

I hope what you say has an effect. I doubt it though.

Uh huh…start zeroing out alliances funded by bots and ill believe that.

(Eric Kalfren) #200

Hmm maybe I will try FW now

(Fluffy Moe) #201

You can only run so many VMs on a single machine, and if you raise the game reqs even a bit, then you won’t be able to run more then 2-3 clients per $2k PC thus crushing their ROI and making a whole lot of them pointless. Add to that after about 3 actual gaming rigs, instead of toasters you’ll actually notice your bill increase making it more unprofitable for them.

I can’t give you links or site sources here (forum rules etc.), but you can do a google search, use the advanced, sort by timeframe, 6 months or a year at most so you get the recent ones, and then input filters to what comes out. See for yourself just how easy or complex it is to do. It is definetly not too complicated for someone that can code in the related fields. There are even AI suites available that some botters use for their bots.

(Venom Anarchy) #202

I found a mining automation app, it didn’t look like it required the user to enter any code and it didn’t look like it could be adapted to run FW sites very easily.