Faction Warfare is dead, long live our robot overlords

(Brisc Rubal) #243

Team Security doesn’t really explain how they do what they do to us. But Peligro has said over and over that the bot reports are critical to them wing able to do what they do. And given there have been thousands of folks banned per the last security update in the last two months alone, they’re obviously working.

(CiXiang Reytzenstein) #244

The numbers CCP released are

  • 2316 account bans for account hacking.
  • 4009 account bans for botting related activities.
  • 2595 account bans for RMT related activities.

from October 1st to December 12th

I was surprised that it was that many tbh.

(Erik Aihaken) #245

It wouldn’t fix everything, but it would go a long towards community fixing by enabling more power to players to hunt and disrupt them ingame, on top of all the banning. At least as far as Offensive plexing bots goes, which really is a big problem, right now, and a massive player retention deterrent because there is simply no point in working together to take systems.

When the stabbed ship plex prohibition was introduced, it was met with the same reaction mind you, but it has helped a lot towards being able to hunt them down, but wasn’t a far-reaching enough measure.

As far as interfering with existing gameplay, unless you’re a noob, it wouldnt change anything as you still need to kill the rats for an offensive plex timer to continue, and it would in fact make it a lot more interesting in fights. For ep. as people could choose to rely on the rat scramming the invader, instead of their own midslot, combat plex specific fits could change a lot in pvp gameplay, and also always being forced to remain in plex and making sure the rats are dead before warping off and overall making easy escapes from combat more difficult …as it should be in a warzone in my opinion … Gameplay would change yes but not necessarily always assumed for the worst as some would think …

(Capn'JT Kirk) #246

But within 1 week… Faction Warfare is full of bots again…


(Owen Levanth) #247

Ah, good old anecdotal references beating cold hard, data

(Capn'JT Kirk) #248

We did a 27 man fleet I Hub bash a couple day ago and regained control of a system. Looking at killboard since then… the majority of kills in that system are to BOTS

Bots re- taking control of the system.

Bots giving the most kills.

Ignore the bots and create NPC Gatecamp bots to kill actual players.

(Arthur Aihaken) #249

The irony that we now need official CCP bots to take care of the illegal bots in game is not lost. Many players pointed out that bots were going to soon run rampant and ruin other aspects of the game with the massive CCP layoffs and cuts to Team Security well over a year ago. What goes around… comes around.

It really sucks though (and I feel for the OP), because CCP is slowly driving the knife into what few gameplay options remain for actual players.

(Capn'JT Kirk) #250

The NPC Blockade / CCP Bots have had no negative effect on the RMT FW bots… if anything, since the stupid NPC blockade was introduced FW RMT Bots have increased.

It is easy to spot the bots. All atrons or incursus, very similar name, running 24/7 novice plex only - hundreds of losses and 0 kills.

Bots are killing faction warfare

The new CCP Bots / NPC blockade bots are killing faction warfare also.

(Arthur Aihaken) #251

Yes, free Alpha characters have had no impact on the game whatsoever…

(Arthur Aihaken) #253

^ I’m sure those are all legit player accounts… :roll_eyes:

(Foggy Bernstein) #254

Apologist posts incoming…

ISD calling it multi-boxing and such.

(Capn'JT Kirk) #255

There are more… The moral in FW is low… people see all these frkn bots… then add NPC Blockade to instakill players is frkn bad idea in multiple ways and good for botting.

If you dont play FW then you have no idea (hint non fw including devs)

People are raising hell about bots down here on coms… across the board… Then on same coms you will hear as real players raise hell about bots “wth ?? an NPC Gatecamp just instalocked and destroyed my ship”.

So HTFU, “Grow a Pair”, enjoy your RMT Bots and CCP NPC Automated Instadeath Gatecamp

(Arthur Aihaken) #256

What are these NPC Blockades? I’ve been away for a while…

(Capn'JT Kirk) #257

Arthur_Aihaken -

100 Man / 100 ship Gatecamp!! - nothing can pass including 8bil Marshal

Except… its frkn BOTS / NPC

Just what FW neads… more bots… and these bots kill the players as the RMT bots do their thing 24/7.

(Arthur Aihaken) #258

Do you have a link where I can read up on this? Are these anti-FW NPC gatecamps or what? Just wondering what release these came out with (trying to find anything on the forums these days is an effort in futility).

(Capn'JT Kirk) #259

They kill pirates / non FW too…

Eve had link in some lore b.s that no one cares about… dont see it anymore. It came out of no where… when it started everyone was like wtf? No one… 0 zilch had a clue about it.

Anways… players were killing the RMT bots… but travel decreased due to NPC Bots Gatecamp which lead to lower moral and is helping RMT FW Bots.

I cant find the “Lore” link either.

(Arthur Aihaken) #260

So CCP implemented a bunch of NPC gate camps in low-sec?

(Capn'JT Kirk) #261

(2) - 100+ Ship Gatecamps that are 24/7

They 1 shot battleships instantly… not just FW players. Pirates too.

Only where the FW Bots operate i.e. FW Low sec.

The bots are bad… and the 100 Ship 24/7 NPC / Bot camp is Bad… (but good for RMT Bots)

(Arthur Aihaken) #262

So no more player-run low-sec gate camps?

(Capn'JT Kirk) #263

They still exists… but you can deal with player gatecamp. You cant not deal with 100+ ship Bot / NPC instadeath gatecamp.