Faction Warfare is dead, long live our robot overlords

Sorry but math says that if you will run large plex for hour at tier 5 with 3k lp/isk you get less than billion. And that’s make you nothing better than any bot. I guess you are running missions that are biggest cancer in FW. So sorry, but they want to get rid of players like you.

So does anybody have an estimate of just how many Atron-bots are running in FW at any given time?

I made 60 mil in loot last night just from winning a couple of fights, in about 40min.

Not my fault some people refuse to get good and prefer to rely on the game’s crutches.


My understanding is that the OP/thread is directed towards the manner in which cheap Alpha Atron bots are basically making FW unviable for ‘real’ players to have any significant effect.

This is actually the first of the ‘Alpha bot’ issues that I’ve seen that looks like an actual problem. (The ‘L4 missioning Alpha bots’ and the ‘Null VNI alpha bots’ being mostly a smokescreen/excuse for other things.)

Haven’t read everything, but the answers seem to range from “make FW unprofitable” (which is pointless, since then nobody would run it - see Resouce Wars) to “fix FW completely” (which is unlikely, since CCP doesn’t have much of a handle on fixing anything fundamentally wrong with EVE).

However, if the actual issue is Alpha Atron hordes, it seems it would certainly be practical to simply award Alpha accounts with 1/2 or even 1/4 of the LP rewards of an Omega account. Alphas could still try out FW, it would still be profitable, it just wouldn’t be so profitable for free Alpha bots.

If FW Atron-botting is profitable enough that bots will pay/plex for Omega accounts to keep running it, then the problem goes a little deeper.

What if, instead of earning LP by d-plex/o-plexing, players earned ‘System X Defense Points’ and ‘System X Offense Points’? Then make it so you can only cash in System X Defense Points when the system is owned by the enemy (you defend to keep it, but when it flips to the enemy, you get paid for your defense efforts). You cash in System X Offense Points when the system becomes yours.

You cash the Defense/Offense points in for the same LP you get now, can even toss in the ‘Alphas get less in exchange’ wrinkle again. Now, you can’t oscillate the systems between 0% and 100%, you have to actually attack and flip the system. Which means somebody’s fighting. It also means all the people who have points to cash in have incentive to actually take a system.

So the only ‘new thing’ needed is tracking Offense/Defense points by system, and a cash-in menu that checks to see what state the system is in (ours or theirs) before offering an exchange.

Even CCP might be able to code that without breaking things too much.


Sounds reasonable.

@CCP_Rise, @CCP_Falcon ?

Banning ventures will have little effect, cheaply fitted frigates will just replace them.

Better tiny drop in ocean of needs than nothing. Issue with ventures was it traits.

Ventures are used because they have +2 core strength, and WCS fitted ships can’t capture plexes. Surely the triple cancer patient will agree that removing an ingrown nail is an improvement, won’t him?

It changes, there are solo bots that have been going for years but the large batches of them usually get caught within a few months.

They aren’t actually that bad because at least you know what a venture is like but a combat frigate that might be stabbed potentially might not be when you land with 3 scrams fitted and find it has decided to be fully armed this time and oh look it didn’t warp off.