Faction Warfare is dead, long live our robot overlords

Sometimes it’s hard to stand people that seem to live in their own world…

I said no such thing, as you well know.

Thats exactly what you said.

You are the kind of person who happily turns a blind eye to anything because they are getting their perceived value.

Im sure your desk is lovely and warm.

I read through most of the relevant posts. Couple of days or so ago I wrote a thread about this. Nobody cares about taking systems anymore as there are too many bots.

CCP is ignoring the issue.

Maybe they don’t care and EvE is actually dying ‘for real’, because let’s face it: if they don’t give a ■■■■ anymore - and are only keeping the servers up for a paycheck -, it’s well on its way to closing up shop.

For me as a player, FW is a great environment for PvP. I don’t care about the politics of null sec. I don’t care about PvE stuff as it’s too time consuming; FW is an affordable self-sustained player-vs-player environment that enables the kind of gameplay I’m interested in. If CCP continues to ignore the issue, people will eventually give up on it.

EvE may have a few years to go, but FW is in a sore state already.


You could say that any of Eve’s static features for example I could say NPC pirates have no place in a sandbox.


Botting is as bad in FW as it ever was, isn’t it?

It’s pretty easy to look at the market and see that the price histories are irrational without bots. The prices of factions at tier 1 are pushed down and down by an army of d-plexing bots.

Make every activity unprofitable = no bots.

Some quality ideas in this topic…

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FW should simply require more than a completely unfitted frigate to participate in.

D-plexing should require shooting rats just as offensive plexing does.

Maybe yknow, make them fun?

I know how to not make things more broken and dead.
Make FW unprofitable. Ok, no bots there because they can’t make isk there. But all that people will move elsewhere. a) to make isk to fund FW career b) just to bot somewhere else. c) we have enough activities that give no profit and almost no one run them “just for fun”.
Unless things in EVE are easy to automate (don’t require brain). I don’t play eve long (only few years) but as far I remember I didn’t heard of bots hacking cans.

And where is sandbox part?

I guess mostly because fun is removed and the rush for almighty isk paramount.

Its a capitalist system, but theres no harm in room for people who want to make enough to maintain the thing they like doing.

And what is wrong with current FW in terms of PvP? Bots only break income. So if there are people who want to just do PvP why they don’t do it? Why they want change something that is not affecting them?

That’s why I don’t understand guy who argue here for few days about same wrong thing and still don’t understand that people leave FW because profit is already low, not because there is bot somewhere farming LP. Bots don’t affect ability to do PvP. Just people that are willing to do same thing in same spot.

As far as I can tell because apart from bots theres very little to PvP against, and they run for it anyway?

From my limited FW experience, yes. But removing any profit/removing bots wont bring more players there.

Is it 2012 again?

I suppose not.

It’s not the income. At least not for me. People running plexes in cheap frigates are doing just fine Isk-wise. The PvP is not all bad, either. There are more neutrals than enemy militia to fight - which is not bad, but still kinda of a shame as I’d rather kill my enemies’ ships than pirates -, but at least the fights are there (tho sometimes it does take 30-40 minutes just to find a decent solo fight).

What bots are ruining (for me at least) is the “faction warfare battleground” so to speak. No matter how hard real militia pilots work on flipping systems - taking systems for the faction -, the bots are relentless and all our job means nothing at the end of the day. We can’t compete with bots as we have to go to sleep, work, family time etc.

Bots are ruining the whole process of making war for the control of systems.

FW is extremely profitable if you know what you are doing.

Gorski car has a nice guide and some spreadsheet porn that shows him doing 500 mil per hour selling lp at 1000 isk/lp ratio. Now i would never sell my lp under 3000 isk/lp and that would make it over 1.5 bil per hour.

That’s FW mission running, It’s hardly a part of FW at all.

Sorry but math says that if you will run large plex for hour at tier 5 with 3k lp/isk you get less than billion. And that’s make you nothing better than any bot. I guess you are running missions that are biggest cancer in FW. So sorry, but they want to get rid of players like you.