Factional Warfare Feedback Thread

Glory to :insert your empire here: !

Please use this thread for all feedback on Factional Warfare!

It seems theres UI issues or confusion on what enables someone or a corp/alliance to enlist, can you confirm what it takes to enlist?

I was about to make a long-stride post but might as well post it here.

In the end, what was the point of ADV-sites?

They ask for more reships, are barely worth the risk and points, and just clutter even more the Warzone.

If the goal was just to avoid Pirate ships in Novices, would it not have been simpler to just bar them from Novices and then adjust Smalls and Mediums accordingly?

What would be lost if we just allowed T2 and pirates back into Smalls, Mediums and more?

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Glory to Gallente!

I would like to see a system implemented where as a system becomes increasingly contested the percentage of large plex’s spawning increases. Numbers would have to be worked on, but say once a system reaches 75%+ reduce the number of scout and small plex, and increase the number of large.

The way the system works currently when a system gets very contested it’s too easy for people in fast warping frigates to contest lots of small/scout plex and prevent system progress while also avoiding pvp to a large degree. No one wants to spend hours chasing frigates out of plexs. Also thematically as a system becomes more contested the scale of the fight should heat up and encourage players to group up and ship up.


Because in the past most of the T2 and pirate ship use was players not in faction warfare.


Eliminate the faction rep destroying consequences for playing faction warfare.

I would like to join back up with my main character but I’ve used up all the career agents, etc repairing my rep from the first time. So I occasionally play around with fw with a mostly untrained alt.


There are multiple suggested feedback changes that would be helpful in creating a better and more diverse ecosystem of faction warfare.

  • First, currently there are no BC size plexes for BC sized ships as the largest ship other than open, large ADV/Navies. Creating a BC size plex would give players the bridge between cruisers and battleships for newer and experienced players to enjoy a new set of plexes that would allow for more combat. Furthermore, Navy BCs and BCs are typically only being used in battlefields and opens. Having that size of plex would allow more opportunity for BC size fights and more solo-play with BCs by the creation of “Grande” plex (or whatever Starbucks preference medium-large word you like).

  • Increase spawn rates of ADV and larger plexes. As FW has been focusing on navy ships, the utility T2 ships have seen the wayside. An increase in spawn rates of T2 size plexes to allow more opportunities for T2 size ships would give more diversity in ships being utilized in the current meta. Allowing players and corporations to show off a vast array of ships and allow players to bridge between navy ships and their T2 variants. This goes in hand with expanding the rate larger plexes spawn to encourage bigger fights. An idea was that the higher the contested rate in a system the spawn rate of larger plexes increase or the base spawn rate of large/medium ADV plexes.

  • Removal of the defenders LP penalty in battlefields. It is not worth running a battlefield because the pay would just be too poor. BFs occur in frontlines and have equal importance to both sides in running it, as it effects advantage of both groups equally. Incentivizing people by creating equal pay on both sides will allow you to have more fights, as right now the incentive is diminished due to lower LP gain for defenders and less VP won. Also, a slight buff to VP between 1k to 1.5k per BF would make the sites more worthwhile to run.

  • Increasing the VP value of a large and medium plexes to incentive winning the larger plexes more frequently. For example, a large should be worth 3-4x more than scout due to the risk of running those sites in battleships versus a condor. Increasing the VP value will make these sites more hotly contested. With the BF nerf to VP, all the plexes should receive a buff to their VP value. For example, larges should be worth 3-4x than a scout as you can risk billions of isk within these plexes, but the VP reward needs to match it.

  • Creation of “Citadel” like structures that cost a ton of LP that would influence advantage gain. These can be simple FOB structures that you need to anchor raise your ADV or decrease your opponents. On top of the beacons these structures can be anchored only on frontlines and engaged by FW opponents. For example, an advantage tower could be anchored that the opponents can ref and has only 1 reinforcement timer. However, the kick is that only FW groups can siege these structures and engage it. These structures similar to battlefields could create an “arena” where only certain ship classes can enter and engage in.

  • and my personal wish list… Expand FW into npc null :slight_smile: The syndicate needs liberating done.

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I also have an issue with the ADV plexes. I’d prefer to fly t2 but I don’t because I can’t help anyone in a NVY plex. Plus being locked out of so many plexes means I can’t focus on whatever system needs help the most.

Other than that, I’m enjoying new FW quite a bit.

You can pay a service to fix your faction standings

United standings improvement agency

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still want to be able to join without having to make an alt, or leave corp… no mention of it in your post tho good overall please update us on when we will be able to join FW without having to leave corp/alliance to be able to participate… this effects most null sec / wormhole / nonfaction warfair / etc players …

As i see it, and i agree with CCP when they say great risks great rewards. we are having a problem with players that just get inside plexes and take the LP, that means they have zero risk and great rewards, in my view that should be addressed with some love. I’m sure that affects all factions, and being the players that do that, either in your FACTION or a friendly FACTION, makes that killing them would produce a big sec status hit on your personal stands, enabeling over time to be kicked from FW.

I see two possible solutions, maybe you have more, but one would be a timer on the character that runs de plex, and the payout would be based on the time you where inside the plex, but that would be probably tricky specially with the new -5 plexes.

Another option would be to give friendles a 60sec timer after he gets in the plex, where that player can be engaged without any standings hit, i don’t see this as an issue as normaly players won’t attack friendly groups that agreed on terms.
Also people that just “steal” the LP from other players are not actually contributing for the well being of anything faction warfare relaated, and only makes people that actually do the “work” for FW to just stop doing it.

Either way, this or whatever solution you could provide i think would help the vision of CCP to be coherent with the reality, making true to the words of great risk great rewards, and not rewarding those that have no risk.

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First of all, I’m not a newbie pilot, I’m a dedicated FW-try character :slight_smile: So I know some old tricks (and learned new).

To start, I am greatly satisfied with the energy, with which the FW waked up. Great fields of emptiness where you can met only a month-old character in an unfitted Merlin transformed into a boiling battlefield. Never before I can imagine that I may undock and find equal fight within 10-15 minutes. 100 solo kills in a month are great (and need to say – a bit physically tiring). Thanks a lot!

Now the things which (I guess) may be done even better.

  1. Now ‘usual FW complexes’ are mostly destroyer-sized content. Yes, there are Scouts for newbies in frigates and I guess that all is OK there (never tried them). But I feel an absence of cruiisers and battlecruisers in space. Why to take a cruiser if any complex may be done in a destroyer? I think, some push is required for it. What if you limit ship sizes for the complexes ‘from below’? I.e. Scouts are for frigates, Smalls for frigates and destroyers, Mediums for cruisers and battlecruisers and Large – for BCs and battleships.

  2. The next. Didn’t you mentioned that all shiny FW-infrastructure from LP-store is completely uselss? Never seen active all that Propaganda or Listening Outposts – why to use them if hundreds of carebears are successfully pushing progress in systems with fantastic speed?

  3. And last and most important. You did much work adjusting battlefields from the point of farming LP. Now they are not a farmfields. But at some point they lost their key. Their impact on the war motion is not so deep. When they appeared, they generated many interesting fights, well-formed flees appeared from both sides because ‘winning battlefield’ looks lika a great success. Now, when you say ‘offensive BF is much more important than defensive’, nobody flies to defend. BFs were done by dozens of random pilots without any coordinations. Because you can expect guaranteed absence of enemy. Something great need to be done. May be use BF interface for a Infrastructure Hub fight? I wanna big fights!

P.S. All my opinion is based on Minmatar-Amarr zone. In Rust We Trust!

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My 2 cent on FW:

-To many newbro , or actual player of eve (me include) when we arrive into FW we ask “what to do, how to start”. The help in agency only give a very short description of site. Maybe just add buton ,near BF /plex to indicate to people how to find it, and maybe some community recommended fit.

-For BF : Only offensive matter, defensive don’t really give any interesting thing… and sometimes you could have litterraly 0 LP on defensive one.

-Capturing system is a bad idea: Only ennemi system reward you 100%. So have more ennemy system is better than take the system. It’s an huge issue , we need to have incensitive to control more territory.
So i give you an idea , just an idea do what you want with it :
-Lock LP store to a certain level depending on how many territory own a militia:

  • Any number you could build frigate navy BPC
  • 3 and more destroyer navy bpc
    -6 and more cruiser bpc
    -15 BC navy BPC
    -30 BS navy BPC
    -50 for capital BPC.

So if a faction own to many territory you will create shortage on ressource on the opposite faction for big asset. So price of asset of defending faction will increase and made more people want ot join this faction… And so you create a dynamic of fighting and incensitive people to join FW.
And just imagine impact on null war if a side decide to totally cut one side docrtine by winning the opposite faction FW… cutting all way to remade some BCP.


Oh sure, and I run a bank you can store all of your isk in.

Just want to mention that the introduction of Navy-only complexes was one of the best idea’s CCP had. We should keep this!


BUG - Advantage System.

Kourmonen is connected to 3 Minmatar controlled systems but shows only 10% advantage from neighboring systems. Lama is next to Kourmonen but Lamaa shows no Minmatar Advantage for neighboring systems.

same problem for me. i am trader - producer. i am doing missions for reduce tax rates. i cant enter fw because i cant lost my rep.

plz seperate fw rep from main empire reps.

Sent you an evemail

We are the Amarr, Caldari, Gallente and Minmatar, fighting against the Caldari.
We are the ones who live.

The best way is to make a separate character for FW. Your “trader-producer” will be a perfect neutral backup for him because FW-involved characters have a limited access to the trade hubs (especially when you’re Minmatar or Gallente).

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