Factional Warfare updates now available for testing

Dude, you know that the ceptor can follow you inside the gate right? Also, there will probably be a combat recon in there and you are dead that way as well.

You’re really getting wrapped up about “taking the gate” and forgetting that there can be a ton more crazy stuff inside the plex.

And if you are worried about a cloaky alt and a tackle alt… Maybe you should have an alt or fleet mate scout the plex first. Then you can go inside the BS plex safely.

Thanks for these changes. They are GREAT!

A better way to re-introduce gate sliding may be to check for WCS on the TIMER and not at the gate.

(Let WCS ships enter the plex, but don’t let them run the timer.)



You are 100% wrong and @Flyinghotpocket is 100% right.



Another suggestion to make the plexes feel like separate battle spaces would be to restrict what size ship can complete the site. It doesn’t make sense for a frigate to run a large plex just like it doesn’t make sense for a battleship to run a novice.

If you want to capture a plex you need to do it in the respective ship size.

Novice - frigate
Small - destroyer or tech 2 frig
Medium - cruiser or tech 3 destroyer
Large - BS, BC, or T3C
Open - anything I guess. But make the rats harder to kill. Like diamond rats. This way you need something large to do it solo or a small fleet of smaller ships.

This way you can freshen up the meta for each level of plex and prevent the classic T1 destroyer running a large solo. If you want to run a large you need to have the willingness to fly the larger ships.

Obviously, due to the increased risk of running larger sites in larger ships, the LP awards can be increased to balance out the risk vs reward of the larger sites/ships.


The current large are being renamed to Open.

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Thanks. I thought I had deleted the post but apparently it didn’t register :smile:

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I am missing enemy NPC in defense plexes. I remember there was a suggestion to have two rats in every plex. One of your faction and one of enemy. So you have to fight this enemy NPC even in defense plexes, not just sitting in it and getting LP…

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We use the term “open plex” to refer to any plex that has been warped to and has a beacon. Naming it open will lead to quite a bit of confusion especially when the changes first roll out.


Do you get a faction standing hit when killing the NPC in plexes?

Else … at least the changes will not harm lowsec PvP I hope.

Not sure what the point of the increased slide in radius is. The suspect flag will do exactly what? You know, everybody interested in PvP doesn’t care about sec hits. Us neutrals, who are essential for lowsec life, take sec hits all the time.


A lot of times I will warp-stop to all the plexes just to “open” them and render this intel useless to the enemy. I’ve seen enemies do the same. Hence, I don’t consider this to be a problem if anyone is smart enough to do the same. Also, who is “we”? I ask because I’ve personally never heard this term used in this context.

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It’s not the act of opening it, its that we already use the word “open” to describe plexes. Just about every fw corp I’ve been in or flown with has used it.


I think these are overall good changes, especially lower LP for missions and higher LP for FW kills.

I left FW about 6 months ago, may be worth another look after these changes.

Can someone explain the difference between the old gate sliding and the new proposed idea?

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This is total garbage. You nerf low sec ability to generate isk even though it’s way harder and way more dangerous yet allow null sec to just fly around in unpointable supers and rorqs making a billion isk an hour. Nerfing the payouts wont make people fight. The problem is not how much isk they make in missions or how much null makes the problem is how hard it is to kill those runnign the missions. In null I have very easy fixes for that but this is about fw.

  1. For fw make all missions ungated and scannable and make the sig so big that you can scan it while keeping probes at 16au. This allows for scanning the sig without the mission runner seeing probes. so hunter can warp in and hope they are near ship or risk getting probes closer to get a lock on the ship.
  2. Keep the missions the way they are but make it so solo jackdaws and bombers have 0 chance of running them make the missions runners invest in t3s or other expensive ships to run them.
  3. For god sake rework the rats so that when I come in as a hunter all the rats don’t point me and let the target warp off. This is the biggerst thing that shows you never play your game and why you are horrible at making the appropriate changes for the game.

In conclusion stop messing with the amount of isk and make it so those running missions for isk can die way way way way easier. Low sec needs more ways to make isk not less and IMO low sec ,not null should have the highest reward. FW missions AT TIER 5, is the only thing that comes close to how much isk they make in null. “More risk more reward” is a bold faced lie if you still believe that about Null and shows how out of touch you are with this game if you believe that. Mining, scannable sites trig blood all the highest pay outs for these should be lw sec not null. Null is a care bare paradise and has no risk because again you are terrible at your job and think supers should trump everything and be impossible to kill.

EDIT: Language // CCP Dopamine

Do you even play the game?

Currently all missions have beacons, you can literally warp straight to them.

haha do you. Yah you warp straight to the beacon and then have to warp in to catch them which you never do because they are already gone. This would allow you to scan the ship down and land right on top of them instead of them seeing you on dscan and then warping away. The gates are what make the missions safe. When I run missions i’m never caught and when I try to catch them you just have to get lucky that they are asleep and allow you land on gate warp in the burn towards them 100km then hope the rats dont start shooting you in the mission.

@CCP_Paradox did you consider making the Large sites allow BS hulls only?

official king of lowsec here. these changes are cringe.
the warp speed increase in particular, just like the last one, is literally a buff to blobbing - fighting outnumbered or solo relies on splitting people up. when you increase warp speeds you are directly cutting the viability of that play.
there’s nothing in here to nudge people away from flying shallow hull tanked saar afterburner fits on literally everything, or a fix for the issue of pirate implants in low, or anything proper for fw missions, or plex timer tick down, or anything for neutrals in fw, or whatever else the fw people have needed for like 10 years now. these are some of the real things that make lowsec a toilet - all these changes are just bad or inconsequential


Can we have some actual numbers on the lp for pvp sistem. How much for a rifter kill?

As if that wasn’t enough love for Faction Warfare

The sheer gall required to type that for this subject is boggling.

Radio silence for years, “features” that break mechanics, simply ignoring mountains of requests, and we finally get backpedaling on garbage that should have been changed years ago.

LP payouts for PVP were higher a long time ago, now they’re higher again.
Gate sliding was a thing a while ago, now it’s (not really) back again.
Suspect timers that should activate when they warp TO THE GATE, not when they activate it (how did this get missed?)
To top all this abundance of love for FW off, we’ve bundled in completely unrelated wardec updates to pad out the article a bit.

I’m so frustrated with how disappointing this is. I used to love this game but years and years of this crap has driven me and most of the friends I played with away. If it weren’t for Slack and Discord, I’d probably have lost those friends too.


Funny. I’ve seen a bunch of people in FW complaining about having to wait for the other person (non-faction war) to shoot first, because they do care about their sec status. Probably because they go into highsec to cash in their LP.