Falling Active Player Numbers

Trigs are opt out.

You mean “grind out”

Yea, such a grind… to use a filament to Pochven, find a drifter, target paint them, wait until it’s killed by trigs and then wait a couple minutes to get a notification that trigs are now friendly. Done!

Okay, to be fair, for the people who actively killed triglavians during the event it may be more of a grind, but for most characters (including all newbies and returning players), making triglavians friendly is not a grind.

They are not consistent. With a +0.01 standing, some trig fleets will still attack you. With no standings, some trig fleets aren’t hostile.

Sounds like a bug to me

when you make trigs friends … doesnt edencom become enemy ??? For returning players who has assets in pochven … or for the players esp stay off from mission running ect… to not to loose their freedom of travel?

Do they have an option truly ?

If you make Trigs neutral via the method Gerard is referring to (where your aggressive actions are vs Drifters or Rogue Drones), both Trigs and EDENCOM with give you standing increases, and both will like you.

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From what I have heard about Drifters, plus the lessons learned about CCP’s game choices, I would be hesitant to rack up a huge negative standing with the Drifters.

If you shoot drifters, you get positive standings towards both EDENCOMM and the Trigs. That’s how you do it.

Negative standing with the drifters has been less of a problem for me than EDENCOMM, just saying.

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For now…

CCP could change the rules at any moment, unleashing furious hordes of Drifters everywhere, destroying everybody with negative Drifter standing.

Expect me to be around until the result comes in.

It is funny that I am a ? for some folks as to what my allegiance is in the game. I also find it humorous to be considered part of the institutional memory.

I play in hisec. I LIVE in Rookie Help Chat. I have served on 3 previous CSMs 8,9,10 as well as the current one. I know WHY the CSM was formed and helped make it change into what it is now. (The White paper work was a favourite thing, for me)

You can fact check me all you want but I stand by the basic idea that the CSM evolves and is partially self defining. The current CSM is not here to make sure that T20 never happens again. . we have grown beyond that.

Brisc and I are often the ones pointed to as being the folks who will talk to you, listen to you, because we are active in the forums. This is not to say that the other CSM members rest and let us do the heavy lifting, just we are acting to our strengths.

me? quiet? The laughter you hear in the distance is people who know me.

But all that said

Good. The more people active in the election process, the better. And I welcome people to hold us to account (or try to). While I may think that some people have a distorted view of what the CSM is, how it works, and why it even exists I think each have a right to be heard.

But do not expect us to accept false criticism or have you paint a picture of what you THINK the CSM is and then hold us to your own standards as opposed to those of reality. Truth to tell? I would love one of the twitch streams or podcasters or whatever to interview the CCP community folks like @CCP_Dopamine or @CCP_Convict or @CCP_Aurora Ask THEM what they think of how this years CSM is going (handicapped as we are by a lack of summit) All of them are regulars in our meetings and see some of what we do. Ask them.


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But you ARE kinda quiet when there is an NDA over your head.


Fair enough


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Shoot rogue drones instead. I don’t think its even possible to have positive standings with them. It might take more time to locate some rogue drones in Pochven. It took me a bit more than 24 hours of logging on and off occaisionally while playing other characters and going about my life, but it was worth it. I have made billions from trigs, but that’s another story.

"…“a huge 0.0 war that is litterally destroying places and shredding places through the trig invasion.”

Yeah. I quit playing because of that very reason too. I check back into the forums every 2 or 3 months if I remember. But, the death of high sec coupled with the mining and ratting nerfs pretty much proved to me it’s time to move on. I enjoy playing a merchant, not a pvp pilot. I mean, I realize no one cares. But, I miss Eve from the past. Now dev priorities are completely different. Now it feels like CCP is trying to force everyone into the same pewpew playstyle, which isn’t what should happen in a sandbox.

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Saturday nite and only 22,152 on… :grimacing:

Me too. I joined the vaunted “Spreadsheets Online” well-known for its complexity and insane learning curve and almost chess-like gaming structure in terms of pace. And look what a legend ended up being: a spaceship action shooter

It is going to be an intresting summer for Eve player numbers. Record profits & a fps collaboration may come to the rescue next year or even this winter.

I cancel my all subs over a month ago. Just watching …