Fan Club

I am Kaylon Chakaid. A Simple miner turned villain by the people of the System.

It all started when we began our journey. We came to The systems next store, with one thing in mind, Let’s start a franchise, a business if you will. So, my partner in crime did just that. As time went on, we grew in size. Optioning to allow for our growth we brought some players in from next store and formed ourselves an alliance.

We were successful, until we weren’t. A couple of crushed up isogen rocks will ruin your Quafe after all. So, we split our engagement and went on our ways.

Having amassed some stations and players, we began yet another journey. Small, but futile with purpose. Started noticing the non donation of people who saw fit to donate prior, our stations crumbled as we could not fuel them, and with no help from our supposed alliance members, we could not survive.

So, what did we do you ask?

Well, I tell you the only sensible thing to do. Sell off stations, rid ourselves of our problems. Stop donating to other players stations for mining, take over mining operations in system, by mining all the ore… This is all in the name of the people. We have made more profit making this move, than we could ever hope for.

Sensible you say. Quite I say. Now, with our own issues amidst, we see to add some content for a local bunch. Created some content, had our battles in the fields to mine as much as possible. We are glad they packed up, unanchored all their stations, and are leaving the system.

In this little time, I have amassed a fan club, all for saying a simple word. All one word, we were taught as children, or learned as time went on. This one little word has brought me endless profit.

You could to by saying “NO.”

Say no, tell them no, don’t take peoples crap. No one this game will help you, no will come to your rescue. So you must create for yourself.

As time went on again, like I said, I amassed a fan club. Kaylon Clonebay. He says this: “I will not steal your ore. I won’t shoot your MTU. I won’t give you up. I won’t let you down. I’m the regular Rick Astley!” His words not mine. So glad, this saves all the reglaur stuff for me to take care of.

You to can be part of Kaylon Villore Fan Club, by joining ‘Kaylon Fan Club Villore Chapter’ Chat in game. Please, feel free to share any and all bad experiences or good that you have had with Kaylon Chakaid… aka ME…

I would love to hear from my adoring fans. If you feel very strongly for this cause, please donate 1 isk to Kaylon Clonebay in game.

Thank you New Eden, and especially you Villore for making me feel slightly more like The Mittani… :wink:

No thanks.

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