Fashion Designer Revealed as Rogue Drone!

Shocking news reaches Gutter Press today, that a noted fashion designer has been revealed as a Rogue Drone !

Incredible !

The drone, known by the name “Oceane”, lead designer for the relatively new fashion house “Société Vêtements Synthétique”, was uncovered by agents of the Coriault Couture Collective, who had been investigating several fashion houses as part of a Federal Intelligence Office operation aimed at the human trafficking industry.

Espionage !

Although Ms. Oceane had gained a reputation as an eccentric, seldom appearing in person at fashion shows, appearing as a highly-bodymodded individual at a few events, few within the fashion world have said they had any suspicions of her true nature.

Unsuspecting !

Gutter Press agents went to Coriault constellation to find out public opinion on this shocking turn of events:
“What ? She’s a rogue drone ? That makes no sense !”, said an Odotte socialite.
“Does that mean they’re going to close ? I liked their clothes! Such dramatic and radical designs !”, said a Dodixie Quafe Girl.
“I know who’s behind this. It’s that Charles Cambridge Schmidt. He’s paranoid about competition for the capsuleer fashion market.”, claimed an Auvergne runway model.
“If rogue drones want to design clothes, I say let them !”, said an Aunia drone rights advocate.

Confusion !

Federal authorities, approached by Gutter Press for comment, have declined to comment on the issue, leaving Ms. Oceane’s status unclear.
Some Federal microstates have offered Ms. Oceane asylum, should she choose to accept.

Meanwhile, this crisis has left the Federation fashion industry in chaos, as it is unclear if the Spring Fashion Show in Caille will now proceed as planned.

Gutter Press News. The Naked Truth.


Where they draw the line between a cyber body with some salvaged strain parts that supports a wet brain of the original human - and a true hive drone, I wonder?

Personally I don’t draw any distinction between a sentient being born of flesh, or one born from AI. A life is a life. If Rogue Drones wished to work with me on projects I would be happy to do so.

Also if Oceane would like to send me something in black and chrome with my family motif of the Ankh, I’d be happy to show my support by wearing it. Preferably combat armour, it pays to be careful when outside a pod.


I’m starting to think that half of all Gallente High Society is composed by rogue drones posing as humans!

Maybe I’m a drone too and I don’t even know it!

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You seem to be confusing ‘rogue drones’ with ‘arseholes’.


I am worried about the lack of Minmatar exotic dancers you haven’t been able to find for commentary lately.

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There is a Simple Test that would put your Mind at ease.

What is your Opinion on This:


Maybe all the Drifter Justice Warriors are Rogue drones posing as humans.


Error; cannot compute. Illogical image!


That’s six shapes connected by vectors.



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