Fast Caldari Faction Standing gain

I have some billions with which I want to station trade in Jita. The broker fees however are neck breaking and i can’t for all items place my sell orders in the Perimeter ICY citadel because many items don’t sell there.

How do I quickly gain Caldari faction standing? I have no combat skills whatsoever and do not want to spend months to get it up beyond 5.0. How much can I expect to boost my faction standing with COSMOS missions?

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My understanding is that Distribution-type missions will help you gain standings with minimal combat (though, there will be some combat involved every once in awhile).

The catch is that they are extremely boring.

I would also suggest training up some Social Skills (see: there are actual skills call “Social Skills” for your character) that will help you gain standing a bit faster.

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If you are looking to gain the standings without combat there are non-combat missions as well. Distribution is good as is mining missions as well. You will come across combat for some of them, but still doable.

It may seem a bit slow to start since you will have to start with level 1 missions if you don’t have standings currently to do higher level ones, but once you get going it can go a little faster.

First I would suggest to train the base Social skill if you haven’t already:

  • Social - 5% improved standings gains for all missions.

You can also train the skills that are geared to the type of missions that you are doing as well so you get some extra LP out of the missions too (doesn’t help with standings so much, but it doesn’t hurt to max out your profits for your time running the missions).

This link may help if you want to read up on all the social skills.

From there simply grind out missions. Do story-line missions as they come up (approx every 16th mission you will get a notification from a agent that wants your help), then when you are able to, COSMOS missions are great for boosting up the standings even more.

As for how much they help, it depends on the mission, these links will go over them more in detail: COSMOS
Caldari COSMOS

Hope this helps and best of luck out there! :slight_smile:

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For Jita it is enough to have Caldari navy, not entire Caldari faction. There are services from players, where you pay 2-3 bilions and they promise to get your navy corp standing high pretty quick. Never used them though. Cause eve for me is a game of space ships and not excel online.

Its very tough without any combat. Best and fastest way is to just do missions. Start actually with all the Caldari Career agents, but I don’t know if that is possible now or how or if that still works due to all the changes to the NPE lately. This is or at least was, a super quick way to raise general faction standing for Caldari. You can try, just bring up career agents and see if it lets you do that.

Then once done just do missions for Caldari Navy as stated above. Once you can do lvl 2-3 missions start runnign distribution. Its really quickest way to get to 5.0. But also as stated above its so incredibly boring and ISKless that I personally just have to do some security missions when I do my standings. Also there is some combat involved, even on doing distribution missions since the ones that give you most factio ngain are the story ones, and some of them are combat.

Pay somebody who does run Caldari Navy combat missions to share the mission reward with you. You need to share about 25 missions to reach a standing of 3. Beyond that it will slow down considerably but still very well doable.

So, there are two ways to go about this. Either get standings for the corp that owns the station that you trade in, or get standings for caldari state as a whole.

I did both. I have like 7.0 caldari state standing and 8.0 caldari navy standings. I did this all in a weekend, too.

The secret is, Cosmos Missions. They are really easy to complete, like frigate or cruiser level easy, and a lot of it is fetch-quests and transport-quests. Stuff you can buy off the contract market and just bring to the agent and complete, sort of easy.

Spend a weekend doing these, youll get to 3.0-4.0 standings really quickly.

That alone, pretty much took me to 5.0+ from an initial 1.86 standing with Caldari State. I then did the caldary epic arc, which brought me up to 7.0 around, but they are very combat-oriented so i would not recommend it if you arent into combat.

Good luck!

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