Faster logins and increase the timeout time for joining a fleet

It would be a good idea if you can automatically log in without choosing your pilot. I have 8 accounts where it’s annoying how I don’t have the option to log in right away! I use the main character for each account. It would be great to have this option on the launcher screen.

Why is the "joining a fleet’’ set to 30 seconds? I log in and every time it times out where I join a fleet with my 8 characters every day. Why can’t you set it to 1-2 minutes like most games? 30 seconds isn’t enough for people like myself that pay and use multiple accounts!

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because they don’t know who is going to log in with what character, so you have to choose which character on the acount to log in with.

as far as the time out for the fleet, i’m not sure what you are referring to with that, i drop in and out of different fleets all the time and even held fleets open for hours on end, before the change where the 2nd to last person leaving fleet would cause fleet to drop.

Ah i see you are referring to the session change timer… no changing that its 10 seconds…

I think he wants a “make default” checkbox on the login screen so it knows. Or maybe a setting to login to the last used char. Not sure which is he after.

Checkbox would be most convenient. “Last character” would be a pita of logging in and out of toons to change it to your desired option if you ever needed a different toon.

Yes, “automatically log this character” checkbox gets a tick from me. Seems pretty obvious now it’s possible to switch characters.

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