Saving traffic and time for the manufacturer

I propose to display data on the number of production and scientific projects on the pilot selection window. Now the producer has to enter the game just to see these 2 numbers. This is inconvenient and time consuming. In addition, it will save network resources and capacity.

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Am i reading the op correct ? To me he is saying he wants to play the game but not have to log in ??

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I think EveMon will do this for you.

I just want to know if the scientific work at one of my alts has ended. I enjoy playing in the main account. And I can play more if I do not have to go into each account that are only researching drawings. I just need to know 4 numbers. Why do they display how many skill points or how much money the pilot has. Why not display if there are free slots in production and scientific work.

35 alts work with 350 drawings. So i need to log in 35 times to see 4 numbers!

And further. For some reason, no one minds against receiving bonuses that are issued during events “without log in into the game.” You can get gifts in this window, but logging is not necessary.

No. You need to log in 35 times to see 350 numbers, not 4. And let’s be a bit honest here - you have 35 alts cos YOU chose to make them and then use them and put a rather ridiculous number of research jobs to run at once across each and every one of them.

You CHOSE to do that. Yet despite this fact, you now think someone should go out of their way to make it even easier for you to do all that without having to spend approximately 1 minute per char to check yourself?
Additionally, if you really are researching 350 BPs at once it won’t really be that long until you have worked through every single one. Then what? You won’t need to “just see those 4 numbers” cos you will have run out of things running that generate those numbers.

Grow up.


Probably many programs can help me spend more time switching between windows, updating them, synchronizing them, and so on. These programs are not needed. All I need is 4 digits on the pilot choosing screen or in the launcher.
Although, as the owner of the SP farm, the display of the SP for each pilot directly in the launcher would still help me a lot.

It seems to me that the interests of different players should be taken into account. Not only fighters but also industrialists and owners of SP farms.

Translation: I am yet another lazy farmer who wants it all handed to me on a plate so I can watch numbers go up without needing to actually interact in any way with the game and just farm my crap…


I don’t quite understand, this language is not my native language. Do you do this activity yourself? Improving and copying drawings takes different times. Some drawings improve 24 days. Other 15. The next 2 days. Copying also takes its time. It is not known when and on which alt one slot will be freed. There are a lot of drawings. More copies. I can not record the end time of all works. But I need to know when the slot is freed. Should I go through all 35 alts 2 times a day? Now I go through them once a day and thats too much.

Ask ccp to put it in the eve portal app.

You’re still gonna have to do a lot of logging in and out.

Why is it lazy? I do a lot of work without any profit. Researching the drawings is what makes a SP farm profitable. In addition, I produce many modules. And I’m not selling them in Jita. I have to take all this somewhere. This is a lot more work than just shooting.

You need to understand that many people in the world do not have completely new devices. I have android 4.2 and this application does not work with it.

Yes - I do. I know.

Make this table:
Char Name | Slot 1 finish | Slot 2 finish | Slot 3 finish | Slot 4 finish | Slot 5 finish
| | | | |
Char01 | xx/xx/xxxx | xx/xx/xxxx | xx/xx/xxxx | xx/xx/xxxx | xx/xx/xxxx
Char02 | xx/xx/xxxx | xx/xx/xxxx | xx/xx/xxxx | xx/xx/xxxx | xx/xx/xxxx

If this is too much for you to do, research fewer BPs at once and have fewer chars. The number of chars and what they do was and is YOUR choice. It is not a gameplay issue and it is not a QOL issue for enough of the playerbase to even warrant being considered.

Have them in a corp and use corp industry interface for this. Much faster.


And that’s my fault?

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I do not think that this is not a problem. Many people have multiple accounts. This is normal. There is no reason not to consider their interests. The effectiveness of players conducting serious work is beneficial not only to themselves.

In any case, these topics are read by developers. They will decide how much such a convenient solution is needed.

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Of course not.

I use the corporate interface. It allows deliver to the warehouse all completed tasks. But it does not show me how many corporation members have free research slots. I can find out just 2 or 3 completed work right now. However, it does not take into account how much free was. And again - do I need to write nicknames? Make tables? This does not reduce time.

It does show how many free research slots are there (just click on it).

It does but I leave the secret with myself :smiley:


Hahaha! So I again raised the topic only because of my lack of knowledge of the game interface. Thanks for the tip!

Or is it a joke? I can’t find anything. Including in the help on the support site.