Fastest dev path to a new tool?


Coming back (maybe?) from a long time away, everything in the dev path is all new and shiny… If I were looking to write a brand new (mostly for self) tool from scratch to pull character market data (and pricing data assuming that’s still a thing?), what would you all recommend for the fastest and/or simplest dev stack/libraries/etc? I’m rusty on most current tech, but can spin up on anything. I have a few ideas on which direction to go based on reading here and on the reddit dev sub, but wanted to see what the current favorites were.

Back in the 2009-2012 era, I ran a custom market management suite using a C# desktop app (well before ESI - manually dumped market logs…). None of the current market apps appear to do things quite the way I prefer to run, so I’m hoping to rebuild my old capabilities again. For bonus fun, I also had a suite of php web apps for corp management (POS fuel for life!).

Cheers o7

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