Feature request: option MTU to collect only nonempty wrecks

What player interaction are you talking about?
Shooting your own wrecks isn’t player interaction.
Player interaction by definition requires players to interact with.

I agree with the rest.
If he wants to be more efficient,
then he has to put more effort into it.

Maybe OP’s actually an RMTing botter.

Maybe its not clear, the player is interacting with the game to produce a result.
Sorry I guess my statement was a little ambiguous.

That is exactly how I see it. He went through the trouble of collecting my pieces of poetry and combined them into one nice picture. If that isn’t love I don’t know what is.


Hi. You’re right, I’ve been thinking, and it’s true. Why should I object to something that’s tolerated by the moderator Also, I must say that your last few posts are all well-written from my personal experience.
This does not mean that I accept if you constantly insult others, whether justified or not. But my approach was wrong.

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You lack to Nicolai on the one hand a lot of unreadable characters in your posts, on the other hand you do not master this spicy brevity that he can.

If you try any harder, you might make it.
Only special people get my attention. :smile:

Really, and you are going to stop me how exactly?

I don’t want to stop you at all, my dear. I merely wanted to improve your articulation. But I realized it was wrong.

I now understand how you feel about reading Wall of Text about nothing. A simple ■■■■ off is enough as an answer to that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Would you do me the honor of commenting on this the Nicolai way like? :heart:

So, this is you just writing ■■■■ without any meaning. Noted.


He’s actually agreeing with you, that a pointed “■■■■ off” makes a lot of sense when one reads walls of texts that basically mean the same thing as every single other wall of text written by some idiotic imbecile manchild who thinks the world wants to know the ■■■■ that’s coming out of his greasy, smelly sausage fingers.

I feel like you two will actually get along greatly.

That’s a nice compliment. I wish someone would give me such nice ■■■■■■■ compliments. Why the ■■■■ can’t we have a competition, where we seek the writer with the most colourful language? That’d be ■■■■■■■ amazing! I bet you’d be hard to beat!


Z0ra Berg, it would be a good idea to fully read posts before posting smart @$$ comments :wink:
most of your “notes” have been addressed and reasoning explained in my posts already.

judging from your post it appears that you just have read the title and have not TRIED to read the rest.

besides CCP already stated they are thinking of implementing this feature, so just chill every one.

not necessarily true for a good game design.
MY experience ( and i have been in game design for over 22 years ) tells me its not the case.
First priority of game design - FUN,
game should be fun to play, and not tedious, so people would be willing to pay for it.

Make it too tedious and game will start loosing players.
Smart @$$ keyboard warriors, and forum trolls not gonna save the revenue flow.
And i guarantee you CCP’s first priority is to make money, not to please a few angry, immature forum idiots.

One example when idiots got their way - local chat black out.
I bet CCP is regretting this very much, and few ppl lost their jobs.


forum freaks like [Nicolai Serkanner] are feeding on some one paying attention to their horsesh!t.
Best to completely ignore or block these types, like they dont exist.
Arguing with them is actually feeding their ego, and gives them the reason to continue…

zablokiruy ego i zabud’ :wink:

Oh here we go…

Yet you’re the one coming to the forums to ask for changes.


It’s hard though, isn’t it?

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Armchair devs, assemble.


No, it’s not. I like to salvage stacked…

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Name 3 that we have heard of that you have had an influential input in.

People already are. They already do. This is a different thing to “I want to cherry-pick”

By bringing in the MTUs they ALREADY made it easier and less tedious. How far do you want it taken - undock and then the ship’s AI runs the missions/sites for you and scoops the loot then sells it for an amazing profit while you sit there watching?

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My MTU works fine the way it is, move on.


Why do you want to remove Thief Character Class?