February 2020 Release - Known Issues

The system map does not show any objects (probes, anomalies and any such active objects). This does not work on both new and old map (new one is even more terrible than I remembered so thanks for reminding me).

It’s not just that. We need it completely disabled or an option to disable it. And an option to disable the sound. I don’t want either one. If i assemble a ship it does it. if i move stuff it does it. Be easier to make a list of when it doesn’t do it. I’d hope that this wasn’t the plan.


Yea we need to get rid of this. It’s utterly useless and exceptionally annoying. Makes me want to quit the game.

Please reassign whoever came up with this crap and put back in charge people who actually made sounds that are not annoying and convey important information.


For me it’s all about the sound and graphics in a game. There’s changes that greatly affect the game. tbh i don’t mind the ones that change other things for the good or bad so long as sound and graphics don’t get screwed up. Change mining don’t care and i’m a miner. I’ve not even complained about the DDoSing. Just don’t make my visual and audio experience worse.


Whoever came up with the red dot notification thing needs to be fired, then re-hired as a janitor…


As reported in EBR-188912 and also in the corresponding thread, the ship restrictions on the Standard Federal Mining Expedition sites (i.e. Resource Wars, L3, Gallente) continue to be incorrect since last month’s release, not allowing mining barges anymore.

I haven’t tried the L3 Resource Wars sites in Caldari, Amarr and Minmatar space, so I cannot confirm whether they are affected too.

But since said bug report was simply closed without any kind of reply, and the posts in the thread about the known issues in the January release were ignored as well, can you at least confirm whether this was another stealth nerf, or simply something you don’t intend to fix?

Just in case, I’ve sent another bug report - EBR-190686 this time.

PI Interface is missing the Access Customs Office option from the main PI UI, right clicking on the Planet while in space.
Currently users have to View the PI, Left Click Launch Pad, Left Click Launch, then it opens the Customs Office as normal.
This UI bug (or intentional change) resulted in MORE clicks for PI management, which is counter to the changes to PI over the last year to make it easier to manage.

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Yes, the entire Access Customs Office menu option is missing from the main PI interface when right clicking on a planet.

First I hear about that, could you please file a bugreport from within the client (through F12 window) right after it happens. Perhaps there is something useful in your logs that can help us solve the issue :slightly_smiling_face:

Is it normal now then that a fleet leader cannot warp squad or wing or fleet to another fleet member? Nothing in patch notes about removing fleet warp to a fleet member.

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Done, bug report ID EBR-190705

No, it is not normal, but a bug which we hope to deploy a fix for as soon as possible.

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There’s no option now to access customs office remotely. Now I need to actually warp to the planet and right click on CO. Bug or some new feature?

Sorry about that, It’s a bug and we’ll get it fixed asap!


Someone told me the mining nerf is not a bug. Apparently CCP confirmed this to the CSM.

I guess - EVE System > Connection to chat server lost is now a new feature
Apparently CCP a;so confirmed this to the CSM.

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and they put it in the patch notes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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True but the amount was questionable.

Not being able to warp squads is annoying beyond belief :frowning:

I hope when they redist the ore they split eve up like a pie and make ore available is different sections making it more likely having big wars overs ore in null