Feedback on the gala and doctor who events

I am a returning player, having taken quite a few years out. I came back with the Doctor Who event. I enjoyed the event, but there was a lot of content that was not really accessible, or fun.

I generally enjoy the game, but am not able to commit a lot of time, so don’t tend to do a lot of corporation or group activities. I tend to avoid PvP and stick to high security space.

My typical ship has been a Vexor with a mix of T1 and T2 modules/drones, haven’t quite made the jump beyond the cruiser (but probably close), or fully into T2 or beyond.

I enjoyed the hacking, and the scanning of anomalies. Most of my time in the Doctor Who event was spent doing that. I tried the combat anomalies, and found the tier 1 anomaly easy. There was a large jump in difficulty to the T2 anomaly. I didn’t find it fun. I didn’t even try the T3 anomaly.

The recent Gala event, looked interesting. After some research and discussions, I’m led to believe that in order to participate in the combat anomalies, I should have a T3 cruiser minimum, and probably need to have better than a cruiser. I ended up trying the event both in my usual vexor, and a thorax that I had. In both cases, I lost the ships. The warp disruption made it so that I could not check it out and warp out when I realized I was overmatched.

I’ll probably stick to the hacking aspect of the event, which is a shame. While I enjoy the hacking mini-game, it can get a bit repetitive and annoying. I’d like to be able to do more combat activities in these events, but ones that are aimed at my level of ship/expertise. I do enjoy the missions, and have done the SoE arc, and mission L1-L3

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We need warp gates with keys and ship number limitations of a maximum of three ships per site.

Vexor Navy issue can do it. The problem is people in Marauders are too easy prey for gankers, and there is no chance of winning a contest against one of them, but it’s too unsafe to use Marauders. Key and ship numbers limitations would do a great benefit to these events, restricting Gankers effectiveness at blowing up solo players efforts to make some use of the context.

Never mind. I figured out the problem.

Just spent hours trying to find combat sites in a wormhole. No chance.

Events used to be fun. Now they are just frustrating wastes of time.

Two accounts unsubscribed. I’m done paying to be pissed off.

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FWIW - I was with a Spectre fleet the other day and we ran through about a dozen holes looking for players working the sites. Nada.

I find the events to be a welcome change from the usual circle of stuff I do in New Eden.

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Another cool thing is you can get friends, a temporary fleet of two or three members on the fly, and run these events quicker, safer, and with obnoxious cheap Alpha ships that makes things more interestings.
The fleet up with other random people is the best thing in these events, even Gankers fleet up!
In fact they are doing a good job, favouring small fleets with cheap ships by targeting only Marauders and Gila’s. They also killed me in the process but I’m not angry. Reminded me of the true purpose of these events. Make friends.

How do i find ore stations to trade the stuff im colecting from gala event?

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