Fees to build a Fortizar

I built a Fortizar a couple of weeks ago and was charged 77m for the final build. This seemed very high to me compared to what my tools said it would cost (55m).

The manufacturing system index was just over 0.5 but the expected item value was over 12bn.
I’ve asked CCP about this but I’m not getting very far.

Why is the EIV so high? Neither the Fortizar or it’s components are worth that in any market I’ve seen.

EIV is not based on market value, it’s based on the game’s estimate for value of materials at ME 0. The estimated value for materials is a moving average. Fortizars are selling well below current build cost as people unload structures they don’t need before the core requirement.

I was trying to understand the EIV. So the EIV is the cost of all the minerals to build the structure components at ME0 with no structure bonus? Also the mineral cost will be across Eve or maybe Jita?
This calculation comes no where near the 12bn EIV in game, a quick estimate of EIV based upon the above is 8bn

No, you are misusing the terms…

The cost is what you have to pay for something. The EIV is based on adjusted value of items, which is based on a (3 month ? ) window time (average ? median ?).

Basically the estimated price and the EIV are not related. What is important is, you can see the EIV in the game but not the value it’s came from.

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