FFA Destroyer event. 15 min of warp tunnels

Hey Guys

anyone just sitting in a warp tunnel for 15 min when doing FFA… Getting dizzy in warp tunnel…


OP has managed to achieve plaid.

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What is FFA?

probably the abyssal arena crap ccp is trying to push on us to use. Yes ccp we want to go die to someone that has a whole team of alts in a FFA zone and has been there since less than a week after release.


just won one
like i said 2 weeks ago
lucky based slug fest . but its kinda fun

Aaaaand drone boats everywhere…

best ships are algos and dragoon
but i won twice with my good old coercer :smiley:
dont like hegemonic meta :stuck_out_tongue:



Are you sure you are not watching old school Dr. Who intro running in a loop?

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Tom Baker era at that.

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Irony in doing a destroyer event to only receive frigate skins?