FFA Eden-wide Null Sec jamboree

CCP: Give us a holiday event where for three days once a year, all areas of New Eden become Null Sec too!

This would extend a massive FFA opportunity into the normally Hi Sec and Low Sec territories, generating huge amounts of once-in-a-year content and giving groups, corporations, coalitions and alliances a unique event to plan into, ahead and around, setting off a massive wave of overt/covert diplomacy, deception, skirmishes and wars that will reshape these spaces for months.

You could even remove the invulnerability of NPC stations :wink:

This event would attract millions of new players, which would pay for the increased server load, as well as be a huge but fun money sink for the fat cat players and corps at the top of the pyramid.

yeah, something like this…

What next? Annual tax return and wealth tax?

answer: no

low effort troll post

Wrong! It’s a genuine event idea from a Hi Sec vet

Bumpity bump

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