Fiedan for CSM 14

I have been playing Eve since 2009 and have had experience and lived in all types of space from high sec indy corps when i first started, to null sec alliances, to wormholes. I have spent most of my time in Wormhole space and continue to live and operate out of wormholes.

Wormhole space is the counterpoint to high sec and null sec: it allows for, and encourages, smaller groups in general and allow for more opportunities to PvP and PvE given the random exits and connections. The absence of local, and reliance on d-scan improve a player’s situational awareness, and stresses reliance on corp and alliance mates for long term success.

I’d like to bring more of that approach–smaller groups, greater cooperation–to the table when talking to CCP and other CSM members.

What I plan to do as CSM:

Advocate for Alliance bookmarks
Alliance bookmarks would be a huge step toward improving communication and cooperation among multiple corporations. Alliance bookmarks would increase the visibility of the shared space that multiple corporations call home. It would also be a step toward encouraging groups of corporations to move into wormhole space.

Encourage more social features such as making public fleets easier to make and find for newbros and vets.
One of the most challenging aspects of starting to play EVE is how to meet people. NPSI or public fleets allow new players that have yet to meet others in game and want to get into a group either for PvP or PvE

Try to bring more conflict back to all space including high sec
Most conflict today varies little between blobs, and catching pilots off guard, and fights are driven by KMs and accumulating green on the killboard. There is very little conflict driven by scarce, valuable resources – very little conflict that could be sustainable over time.

What value would I bring to the CSM?
I’m not attached to the outcome of a discussion – I’m more interested in understanding all the angles to a proposed solution, and comfortable playing devil’s advocate to stress test ideas on the table.


While Fiedan is capable in many regards, I would consider this player to be ill-suited for the CSM.

The first and foremost complaint is his domineering nature and need to have the final say. Fiedan is very arrogant and does not really challenge his own opinions, which makes him hard to work with in discussion and a cooperative way. I know this from regular interactions as a member of his alliance. Therefore I do not have confidence that he will be able to constructively carry out the duties of a CSM.

The second is the depth of experience. While Fiedan is decently knowledgeable about general game mechanics, has an OK small gang and solo track record, I would argue that with the limitations of his experience he cannot be said to represent wormholes as a whole, nullsec in any form, and I believe there are superior candidates for highsec. Fiedan and his current platform represent only a small wormhole alliance with many fractured corps and reliant ties to high and null, which is a very small constituency indeed.

Finally I have fault with the nature of the platform. There are no novel ideas here except for the strangely idealized characterization of wormhole space no deeper than what anyone could find in the UniWiki page on wormholes. It’s very much a stretch from this post to say that this would be an innovative or insightful CSM. How many countless have asked for alliance bookmarks? How many CSM claim broadly to promote small groups? And in what world is being disinterested in the outcome of the discussion a selling point for CSM?

I respect Fiedan for his merits and fly with him. However as a player I cannot help but express my disbelief and lack of support for this campaign.


With all due respect to Planeta Shimaya — who though confident in their assessment is not confident enough to use the character they claim is in ERB to post here — I am Fiedan’s current CEO, and have a rather different perspective.

That Fiedan is opinionated is not a secret to anyone who has debated him. But what Ms. Shimaya neglects to mention is that Fiedan has never allowed a difference of opinion to affect his interactions with his alliance mates. On the contrary, he has been generous with his time and knowledge. Furthermore, if having an opinionated personality is a disqualification for running for CSM, that must be a new rule!

In the time I’ve known him, Fiedan has demonstrated that he gives a damn — about the game, about the players, about the future of EVE — and, more importantly, he’s willing to step up and try to make a difference.

Fiedan has my endorsement.

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Hi CEO. The reason I don’t post with my main is because of fear of reprisal and ejection of my assets because I don’t agree with a CSM campaign.


Nice internal ping to go along with your post btw. Looks like I wasn’t wrong.


I support Fiedan, Planeta Shimaya is just jealous because they can’t compete with him in the CSM run.

Fiedan would make an excellent CSM, he has my vote and confidence.



It’s definitely bait

I’m seeing Fiedan post in the wardec discord and I’ve been talking to him quite a bit. Can’t say I agree with him on everything, but as far as I can tell he’s not an asshole and that’s a huge plus in my books.

Also … because that’s apparently important … I’m not an alt of myself! :blush:

Really? If you fear reprisal, why not leave and find a home where you feel secure in your position and possessions? Troll much? Get a spine.

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Hi Sol! :smiley:

I am an original player from 2009, sorry but the only alts I have are no bodies that I don’t use. Keep trying to find out if I am an alt or not~

I support Fiedan as I chat with him regularly in Eve Radio Chat.

So we can we assume your knowledge of API tracking and abilities is rather limited based on not knowing who’s alt is who.

Not here to make trouble but you probably should shore up your base prior to running. I’ll be interested to see if w space can fall behind a single candidate this time.

I would like to echo this sentiment.

That comment was mine, and not Fiedan’s, just to be clear.

I endorse this candidate! He’s on very regularly and is a stable (for eve) person! Been around since 2003 … seen a few people come and go.

How do you plan to try to bring more conflict back to high sec?

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I believe war decs went to far in allowing more people to be immune, for instance one corp is approaching 4k members but is war dec immune.

bump, will vote for you as 3rd after olmeca and exookiz, i guess i must be a wormholer at heart cuz you three are the only ones saying things that make sense, this game is way too static and needs more pvp content

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