Fiedan for CSM 15

My Eve story

I started off, as many do, being somewhat of a carebear in high sec: mining, running missions etc. But I wanted to explore other parts of the game as well. So, being just over a week old, I went to low sec where I learned what carriers are. RIP

Back to high sec, I worked on getting the money for another ship. While I was mining, being just over a month old at the time, a player can-flipped me. I wasn’t sure what to do at the time so I sat there for a minute and kept mining. He warped off back to the station shortly after. As soon as he did I warped to the station as well and grabbed my cruiser. When I warped back, he was in a Bestower taking the ore he had flipped, so I engaged him and that was when I got my first kill in game and when I really started to learn more about PvP.

I have been in several corporations, solo and with others, that operate in high, null and WH and have always found WH space to be my favorite which is why I have lived and operated out of WH space for a majority of my Eve career.

My areas of expertise.
As I said above I have spent most of my life in WH space and have experience in all aspects of WH life from PvE, industry and solo/small gang PvP.

Why am I applying
I’m applying because I care: I’m dedicated to this game, and excited for its future, but I think that often, CCP moves too fast and ends up breaking things that only needed a good crack. As a natural, good-natured contrarian, I will help drive consideration of possibilities that might be too quickly overlooked.

What can players expect from you
Players can expect me to keep an open mind about all play types in the game and to be as transparent (as the NDA will allow) about what is being considered by CCP


Do You have a campaign video?

No I do not.

+1 for Fiedan! He’s an excellent corp mate, FC, and player!

Yey Fiedan!!

Might wanna get on that. All you need is a smart phone.

Fiedan’s experience and deep understanding of EVE are ideal for the CSM. We need conscientious voices to represent all K and J space players without BLOC bias or political motives.

Fiedan actually cares, has experienced more variety in the game than most, and isn’t influenced by the Powers that Be. He’s committed to the game, and wants to see it get better. When changes are made in the game, he immediately and accurately sees the implications for multiple play-styles and metas, and guides our corp to make the most of it.

+1 for Fiedan. He’s what this game needs.

I have only recently gotten to know Fiedan, but can attest to his experience and knowledge and he seems to be a really good dude. Good luck to you, man!

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