Fighting the Triglavian Collective

I thought it would be interesting to be able to join temp fleets that would add players that were interested in fighting against the Trig incursion. Right now, there are no incentives ( isk) for fighting them. Most people just avoid them, I assume. Players could fleet up from certain stations., maybe once every hour. Fleets would launch when enough players had joined in, and they had a respectable chance of beating the Trig opponent. When you join a fleet, you would pick open spots for support or tank or whatever spots are necessary in a fleet. Players could learn fleet tactics and add some “fun” to the game. Tutorials could teach basic fleet tactics. Of course there would need to be some isk incentives to risking your hardware in battle. Maybe ships are provided when you fleet up and it all becomes just a training mission and it is done for only fun, not isk. Currently, I will go out and fight pirates solo, just for fun. This would be a group effort.
I am somewhat a new player and maybe something like this already exists but I am not aware of it. From what I can tell, you can somehow raise your standing with the Trig in order to enter their space, and stations but I have no idea how to do that. I stumbled head first into a hive of them and didn’t have more than 5 seconds to live. Maybe there is a point to them being part of the game that I don’t know.
Just an idea.

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So… why are you not leading these fleets?

I have no idea how to lead fleets, but that isn’t what the idea is about.

It is though, you want a fleet to happen, players can organise this right now, there is no idea here in terms of game development, it just needs a player to go out there and run a fleet.

the reason that doesn’t happen is because there is zero incentive to do so.

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