Filaments removed from PTR

Just curious-after the giant resist nerf that made I would guess most of the 3Bil isk filament fits useless and probably destroyed many of them, Why are filaments no longer available on the PTR? We need to be able to test fits to ensure they will survive after the nerf. It’s not like you can warp out if the fit isnt working.

What is this PTR you speak of?

Why? Are you so terrified of loss that you can’t do anything with a real ship unless you are guaranteed to survive?

Oh wait, it’s you. Judging by your posts in the other thread the answer to that question seems to be a definite “yes”.



Risk aversion is a disease of the mind.


This is me testing a 2B rattlesnake in game. Hmmm, not quite enough tank :laughing:
I’d have shrugged it off if I wasn’t able to warp.
That’s the thrill of playing imho.

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Slightly less effective =/= useless.

Don’t be a troll, that literally is useless.

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