Filaments require a re-balance

Maybe they can only chase with their own filament’s if it was designed better and wasn’t super random and have to limit their own chase fleet to 25 as well then at least when they catch up it will be a good fair fight.

Like combine that with my idea above with filaments taking you to the edge of the same region you are already in on the last system before the next region if a 25man fleet is trying to get away from a 50 man fleet they filament out, the 50 man fleet breaks in 2 each activate their own filament to cover more ground and half the chasing fleet lands in the same system as the invading group and has a nice fight.

And my suggestion for doing this respects that (although its flawed in other ways)

What i maybe didn’t explain very well is that if someone uses a noise 5 filament to escape a system then someone hunting them can warp to the remnants of that trace. But that trace is closed but they can then use their own noise 5 filament to reopen that trace to follow. They wouldn’t be piggybacking on the original filament. But using their own. Controlling the numbers going through based on the filament the first group used. I.e. you cant follow a 5 man group using a 5 pilot filament with a blob.

Not saying it’s not possible to program limits into the ‘chase’ idea, but any chase option leads to chain effects. “Team A, jump. Team B, follow A’s filament. Team C, follow B’s” etc. It potentially leads to worse problems.

You just need a split 3 or 4 ways to limit this thou. So the chasing fleet has a 25% chance of landing in the same place.

So they some times get the fight with one group and if they use multiple groups their groups get split up. Making it fair.

The problem isn’t that multiple groups are piggypacking on the same filament.

The problem is that multiple groups can land in the same random spot when you allow chasing original filament destinations, which enables 100+ man fleets to use filaments to roam. Currently that’s improactical as a group of 100 is at best split in 4 groups that each land in their own random spot in the universe, which stops this kind of gameplay from happening.

If you allow people to chase a filament, you enable 100+ man fleet filament roams.

The restriction of max 25 people for filaments means that filamenting is limited to small gang roams, and cannot be used for big fleets.

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you are discussing something i havent said.

original fleet is 4 man. They use a noise 5 filament to get out of dodge. Hunter arrives at the trace remnant. uses a noise 5 filament to reopen it for a max of 5 people to chase. Trace remnant dies.

What you can follow in is based on what they use to escape.

So you can now follow a 25 man filament using another 25 man filament, making 50 man filament roams possible?

And can you follow the followers with another filament?

Yes. Like i said on balance i think the spool up is better. But we certainly arnt talking about 100+ man fleets

No. The original filament results in a trace remnant. Reopening in that destroys the remnant. You wouldnt be able to keep re-opening indefinitely.

So you still end up with double-size fleets on demand, and you still have the issue of splitting your own group into 2, B team follows A team and closes their trace behind them.

Spool up with beacon is a better idea but also has issues. Spawning a scannable anomaly for a set time has potential, but adds inconvenience.

Also, ‘being able to chase a fleet’ has little use when people escape into high sec.

It doesn’t stop people from using Pochven as a simple and easy way to move from null sec to high sec either. Just take a filament, MWD cloak on the other side and good luck to anyone trying to follow you, because they’ll have no idea which way to burn unless they took the filament immediately after you, which is unlikely. And now they’re stuck in Pochven.

Or they’ll try to follow you when you filament out of Pochven into high sec. Good luck killing them now, because you have only a few seconds before CONCORD comes to save them.

No, chasing filaments does not seem like the right way to fix filaments to me.

Allowing people to stop filaments from happening seems better, by delaying their teleport to allow chasing groups to catch them before they get away.

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As i said. this needs to happen first before anything else.

Filaments are fun but the mechanics need to change. They are supposed to be used to look for confrontation not avoid it. I agree with the general consensusof the thread…
CCPlease fix.

Been said in other threads. filaments are fine for unexpected content. but have turned into a get out of jail free card for people that are risk averse. the combination of outside ESS mechanic where they can just move out and wait out their timer is just a joke. time to fix the easy escape function.

how you get to that conclusion? if a ganker have their target, they cant use filaments lol. btw creator of this post are in my corp and my pvp mentor, and i agree to everything he says. we dont gank people, but we hunt people that come to our systems to either steal sites or try gank us. the reason both him and me are so freaking annoyed by filaments, are cause when they come in, and we have them boxed in with no normal means of escape, they just hit the filament button, and there is not a got darn thing we can do about it. it is infact a get out of jail free card, that currently dosent have any counters, meaning its way too OP, and filaments simply dont work as intented, tho nothing CCP do. they keep adding stuff to game without having a clue on unintended consequenses

How about a “Follow” filament.

And a 5% chance the filament drops you in the New Eden Gate system because of “scientifical gravity anomalyish voodoo.”

How about:

No Filaments. No instant portals.

And just planning trips around the verse with our heads instead again.


This. But give us +2AU warp speed to all ships CCP.

Filaments are total nonsense. On the other hand, jumping hours through empty or uninteresting systems is just unfun gameplay that needs to be reduced at least a little bit.

Btw, the effect of filaments could be added into jump portal drives. I never flew ships with this technology so I don’t know how are coordinates inserted, but it could just be possible to use random coordinates just they did in BSG tv show. Exclude hs, wh space and pochven out of possible destination and the functionality will still be there. Sort of…


An easy quick-fix is to make it so that Pochven filaments cannot be used in null and wormhole space. That cuts off the easy escapes and cheap loot transports to high sec.

Noise filaments can also get the same treatment, so to cut off escapes to emptier parts of null.

Should be trivial for CCP to code this fix and there’s no downsides to this limited approach. Players with limited play time would still be able to get to their content and newbies would still be able to get their Trig reputation uptick, but the big exploits would be history.


@Jumpdrive seems legit :+1:

I would open up the Pochven gates to high sec (Edencom can do this as a story line thing) then remove filament’s to pochven, remove normal filament’s as well.

In it’s place There is a system buff that reduces align time by 10% and adds +4AU warp speed:
The places that get this buff:

  1. The silk road Jita → dodixie → Rens → Hek → Amarr

  2. The most direct routes from high sec through low to the entrence of null sec and through npc nullsec to the region passed it.

  3. Then for Sov Null an infrastructure upgrade that uses up a slot of something else that gives the road network upgrade.

Rome’s Empire would not be the same without roads why would a super advanced race not have something similiar, but in space xD

If we use the road network we will more often than not hit more gate camp’s and if we avoid it we are a bit safer but at a speed cost.

Might also be a way to find content easier, kind of a like the fw front line system but as a web instead.