[Filled and completed] 40B loan, 10% for 5 months

In late November, I was loaned 40B @ 10%/month from the following investors

Minuseb: 23B
Drogo Dris: 10B
Kernewek Elongur: 5B
Rathin: 2B

The loan ran for 5 months until today, at which all principal was returned. Rathin had to exit the loan early but total payout to other investors was 50% over the period. This forum post serves as a public record of the loan’s existence and payout.

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Did you have collateral? If so, I’m amazed that you found this forum but didn’t get yourself a better interest rate.

I confirm receiving nice interest rates and also got back the principal :slight_smile:

Nope! Uncollateralized. Interest was going to corp mates anyway so I wasn’t too concerned paying a bit extra

So, what’s the purpose of documenting the loan, in that case?

I guess there is no safety to give a loan?

Confirming my participation as Bobb outlined above. The original principle was returned and interest was paid to me as agreed upon during the term of the contract. The interest paid helped fund my pvp efforts in support of the alliance.

I would not hesitate to assist Bobb again in the future.