Final Liminality in Harva :: Predictors for Triglavian Planetary Activity in their SECOND Amarr Claim

Kekah Constellation, Domain

A sixth system has fallen to the Triglavian Collective, and questions and anxieties obviously abound concerning the claiming of a system by an invading precursor civilization. However, some factors might allow for some postulating about what might happen next, as out of all the systems taken thus far, only one other has belonged to the Amarr - and of all these systems, this first Amarr system has seen consequences not reflected in any other, alongside a clue that might lead to important information concerning the “why” of this seeming anomaly.

The systems that have processed to Final Liminality follow, alongside their consequences:

::ARVASARAS - Caldari Space::
No news from this system yet, as it is the second-last system to process - but given its similar populated temperate planets and stations, it would be quaint for developing events to diverge in nature from the happenings in the following same-nature systems.

Communications remain up

::NALVULA - Caldari Space::
An industrial system. Forces on the ground are attacking Triglavian forces on-sight, and Triglavian ground assault forces have been rumored. The target of the Triglavian planetary assaults here are industrial, resource-gathering targets.

Communications remain up

::SAKENTA - Caldari Space::
On the two industrial worlds, Triglavian assaults are focusing on seizing mining, reprocessing, and manufacturing facilities. On the two populated worlds, however, planetside Triglavian forces are responding to force with only small escalations in counter-force - and what are obviously Triglavian-aligned Rogue Drones, perhaps under the influence or direction of Navka, are conducting surveys.

Communications remain up.

::VALE - Gallente Space::
Despite having landed on the many populated worlds of Vale, Triglavian forces have kept their distance and have not interfered with civilian populations. Aggression has been met with striking-down, noted in the case of an orbital strike on a facility that shot at overflying Triglavian vessels, but no unprovoked actions have been taken.

And despite civil worries in the face of the reduced solar output,
Communications remain up.

::RARAVOSS - Amarr Space::
Following the first procession of a system to Final Liminality, Triglavian forces moved to presumably take claim the many industrial settlements of the system, as they are attempting elsewhere now. The port on planet III was heard to have been neutralized before Triglavian forces landed - and then, nothing.

Communications from all settlements ceased within the day.

Planets I, II, III, IV, VIII, and IX all held industrially focused settlements; all fell silent, unlike all other examples of Triglavian industrial assaults in all systems since then. Arkombine and Mordus Legion forces have been reported to be active in the system, with Upwell wholly nonforthcoming concerning their purposes there.

Something very different has happened in this single Amarr system.

A mystery begins to present itself with reports of “Qilfim Ur-Sarum, Holder of Raravoss, Reportedly Seeking Asylum in Federation”. In response to inquiries, however, House Sarum has responded that “There is no such person”, a statement that can only be interpreted as Qilfim Ur-Sarum having had his name struck from the Book of Records - a punishment reserved for profound betrayals of the Amarr and their faith.

The holder escapes to the Gallente, after his system falls and communications are lost with every settlement in Raravoss, and he has been struck from the book. What happened?

The obviously countless numbers of enslaved human beings put to work in these Amarr industrial facilities having risen up and taken control in the wake of Liminal Procession is the most hopeful hypothesis - but in such a case, what would the view of the Triglav on this presence be? So many questions to answer.

::HARVA - Amarr Space::

Alongside the industrial facilities present among its many uninhabitable worlds, there is a new factor present in Harva: a single, largely populated temperate planet - an Amarr civilian world. Unlike the populated worlds in the space of the other Empires, the population here holds yet another obvious factor as well, something that would not be found on the populated worlds of the Gallente and Caldari.: a large enslaved population

Many solemnly await news of the events about to transpire planetside in Harva; but whatever happens here may cast some light on the true aims and views of the Triglav.

There is one person who might be able to independently reveal more information, however:
Ex-Holder of Raravoss, Qilfim Ur-Sarum.

Despite my obvious reservations in regards to slavery, I do not desire to see any known empire be overtaken by the unknown threat of a profoundly technologically sophisticated precursor civilization. To know an unknown, we need to discover the facts: perhaps if by some divine contrivance a certain Gallente news agency (through a certain intrepid reporter) were to find and interview a man who has reportedly made a claim for asylum in Gallente space, we might learn something more of the intentions of the Triglav without having to wait and see what happens in Harva.

Regardless of any actions taken, events march onward.
I’d much rather walk forward in dim light than in complete darkness, personally.


So, with respect, sir? And a bit of brandy, so …

Never mind.

But you might do better at maintaining the perception that you’re not projecting your own politics onto the Collective if you don’t insist on italicizing “slavery?”

It italicizes itself sufficiently for pretty much every person in the cluster-- on either side of the argument. And it makes you sound so very hopeful that the people stealing the light from stars and likely condemning large planetary populations to death by starvation will turn out to be on your side.


I’m quite transparent about my wish for the Triglav to not be yet another force of unflinching evil, as we’ve seen with the ruthless Drifters and Sansha’s Nation, and I very much like the idea of them not approving of slavery, alongside that first hope - but I don’t wish for this thread to concern my personal opinions on the domination of sapient will.

I want to know what the Triglavian Collective’s plans are, in all of their invaded systems, and the disparity between Raravoss and all others invaded thus far is more than enough fuel to make me look in this specific area for answers. This is potentially a prime opportunity to shed some light on the endgoal intentions of the Triglavian Collective, which we still know near-nothing about.

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At this point, sir, I’ll be impressed if their end-goal intentions don’t consist of the apparently eternal refrain:

“You have what we want and we want what you have, so we’ll take what we can and you’ll get what we give. If you stand in our way we’ll send you to your gods and smile over your corpses at the treasure you couldn’t know you had.”

But so far it seems a lot like that’s exactly what’s in play.


Indeed, I’m not naive enough to think that they won’t end up being just like any other people in that way - but I like to have some hope, in spite of everything.


Enough to …

… you know, I’m not drunk enough to push that point. Yet. Probably because I did that clone jump a couple hours back.

Please to bare in mind that your “hope” now has multiple harvested/depleted stars, and all the implications of that, to overcome.

(Gods and spirits, it’s got us working with Electus Matari. I was starting to think the whole cluster would be rubble and ash before that happened.)


So, here’s my question: did the sun darken at each step as it did in Raravoss? Has it happened in any of the other liminality systems?

If not, I’m starting to wonder if maybe that will start to happen in a second system only when Raravoss is dead… and how long that will take.

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sun from sakenta, not a minute ago


That is very similar to Raravoss, The yellow suns do appear differently but we don’t really know the details of the internal changes.

Raravoss seems much darker though, and seems to shine pink now. Sakenta and Arvasaras have mostly had their blues contrasted by red.

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Enough about the slavery already, you seem obsessed with this matter and see connections where they are not as a result of your uncontrolled ideology, even despite touching on an important clue.

Qilfim Ur-Sarum, henceforth Qilfim, has, by the looks of it, indeed been struck from the book of records, and indeed that tends to happen primarily as a result of severe betrayal.

Consider then the possibility that it was not the triangles themselves who disrupted the communications, but Qilfim himself in whatever traitorous scheme he may have been putting into action.

Could Qilfim be a triangle-supporter? If that is the case, we need to find, capture and interrogate him sooner rather than later.

Addendum; Note that in Sakenta some comms, notably those with underground colonies, has also been lost. Would you consider corporate slavery an issue, now, too? Or can we finally drop this assumption?

The new news does bring some illumination;

Zorya’s forces respond absolutely to aggressive defensive action taken by those on the planets they land on, but leave those who don’t attack be. Sakenta’s barren industrial worlds have indeed seen similar loss of contact now.

I relent on my initial statements - but I never thought slavery would be the sole reason for such a thing, mind you - but I was concerned that it could influence the situation. Harva has also now had the majority of its enslaved evacuated, incidentially.

I now look to Raravoss as a curiosity all its own again, though; what led to communications with every settlement being lost within mere HOURS of procession to Final Liminality? Why has the holder of the system been struck from the book, and why is he with the Gallente now?

Qilfim indeed likely betrayed the Amarr in some way, though we cannot say any precise reason - knowing what happened planetside on Raravoss’s barren worlds would bring some illumination to the whole situation. Did he turn traitor and align himself with their Flow of Vyraj? Did he take some other action in regards to those settlements, short of betrayal, that was equivalent in its outcome in his striking? Perhaps it would be worth investing in some manned explorations? Capsuleers certainly have the means to hire individuals who could drop to the surface.

If only someone could speak to Qilfim, now presumably safe in Gallente space…
(Hm, perhaps he’s turned to the side of the Triglav, and went there to join Intriguerre?)

The Triglavian Collective has not been universally opposed by all in New Eden, with subversive elements across New Eden finding something attractive, even uplifting in Zorya Triglav’s message of “proving and joining the flow”. The radicals of the Internal Triglavian Revolutionary Organization, also known as “Intriguerre”, claim that the Triglavian invasion represents “a dynamic moment of challenge and opportunity for posthumanity”.

Internal Triglavian Revolutionary Organization Proscribed by Unanimous Vote of CONCORD Assembly; “Intriguerre” Broadcasts Defiant Response


Galactic Hour News Roundup: Gallente Federation Day YC122 Edition

Mordu’s Legion Command Denies GalNet Claims of “Rogue Warclones” Operating in Raravoss and Sakenta to “Acquire Ancient Star Technology”

Is it pure chance or something else that most of the systems in danger are Amarr and Caldari?

The distribution of attack sites per nation is statistically completely equivalent to the distribution of systems between them. Caldari State has not actually had more attacks than you’d expect - about equivalent to the Federation, the same size - but they have lost many more. The Amarr Empire is much bigger, which is the likeliest explanation for invasions there.

The triglavians don’t seem to respect our borders. It is possible they don’t understand them, even, given that they have not increased attack rates in the State and keep on trying the Empire. Conventional strategy at this point would suggest shifting priority to systems with the weakest defenses first.


Have you considered the thought that the distribution of attacks might be random, because Triglavians are unable to form a targeted attack? Maybe they are not able to create a targeted connection into our space. Like the capsuleers that are brave enough to explore abyssal space have no idea where they end up?
That’s probably why sealing the conduits works so great against them. Once they are all closed they might be unable to form another attack on the same system.


That’s a possibility, yes.

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I would go so far to say it’s likely the reality. I’m not a tactician, but I recognize some patterns. If the conduits are closed the invasion is over. The Triglavians are not retreating, they just physically can’t progress. I don’t know if this thought is pleasing, tho…


The latest message as interpreted by Uriel


Capsuleers are doing a good job, glorifying the flow in the invasions


Yellow stars’ becoming final lim going well


One type of blue stars’ becoming final lim is going okay


Another type of blue stars’ becoming final lim is going stramgely/badly


Utter absence of final lim A0 stars is bad


A0 final lims are top focus


Zorya’s responses…


I think Uriel is wrong about one point.
Another type of blue stars’ becoming final lim is going stramgely/badly

I think that refers to the pattern of systems they have gained not being cohesive.