Finally may login, but unable to connect to chat

Finally able to log into the game but I get the message:

Multiple retries yields the same result. Clicking no allows me to play the game with no local chat, as if I was in W-Space. This issue is not on my end, firewall turned off same result. Please CCP an official response to the issues would be great considering our lost time and money.


The “chat error” has occurred three times.

Same here, haven’t been able to log in and stay logged in for three days. Now I am logging in fine but get this same “Error connecting to chat server”

Same issue. CCP, got an IP address for chat server so we can manually update host files in case our DNS servers don’t have it properly cached?

same ^^

Also log in was still slow.

Same here.

I have that problem too.

Luckily I found a High sec wormhole so I am just doing logistics and moving some assets around. I know EU and USA (I’m in US) servers have been handling the login/chat issues differently. I would do some DED’s if I knew that everyone in my space also didn’t have a local chat. But it is too dangerous/tedious for me to operate as if in W-Space when it is not clear if others have that same disadvantage.

Hopefully it is resolved soon…and if not at least having a tiny little dev post on the issue would be nice. Just to prevent me from going insane.

Resolved by doing VPN to UK. Seems like it’s blocking a lot of non-EU customers.

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Many have fixed the login issues using VPN’s. While that is a good temporary fix, that is a non-solution. I pay to play from the US and should not have to route through servers in the EU for access. Most of my annoyance today is due to a lack of official response from developers. They should man up and make a post.


Posting it so they and others know. I understand the stars have to align to please certain customers. That wasn’t the reason for my post.

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No I understand the reason and I appreciate your response. The other threads regarding the login issues from US due to ddos attacks have mentioned VPN’s. I honestly am happy I can at least log in to the game. Like I said, my main annoyance is that there is negative information from the dev’s.

CCP has been giving updates located here for a similar issue:


I can confirm my port is open, still no better.

Yep, not able to log into chat server…no matter how many time I click yes! ‘sigh’

Always been able to login, but lost the chat now for 2 days

Finally was able to log in today for about 5 minutes, everything was slow and laggy, barely got to train some skills then I get disconnected.

I, too, am receiving a similar output when testing the port, per support page.

Have not been receiving chat for a couple of days.

West Coast USA, if that matters.

I can confirm that this chat issue now happens to northern europe clients as well.
Login issue (connecting again usually fixes it) has been there for the whole time but this chat issue struck to me first time today.