Finding a place to thrive

I am finding myself having the same dilemma as I have had quite a few times over the last few years, my main has been in game many years and so I should know better really but it is something that I cannot seem to shake.

I cannot seem to find a corp that ticks all my boxes. Perhaps it doesn’t exist, perhaps I am thinking too hard on it I don’t know. All I know is that I find a group, I am ok for a while, get involved etc and then it all becomes a bit mundane and dull and I leave, rinse and repeat.

This may get wordy, apologies. But I just want/need to talk this out.

A brief outline of my time here. I started out in high sec years ago, moved to various null systems then wormhole space, low sec back to high sec for a short stint then back into wormholes. Wormholes can be OK, the PI is generally OK, but logistic wise can be a pain, even with a high sec static.

Null sec lost its initial attraction and became boring. Either surrounded by a sea of blues or being an F1 monkey in a tidi ravaged battle, but the PI again can be good for ISK making.

Low sec, or to be exact FW was OK, I guess, but again nothing to really shout home about. Plexing sites was good LP but boring, but the fleets we went on could be fun.

My wants in game are simple, have some fun, not let it be a chore and plex one of my 2 accounts per month if possible (with change left over for other in game purchases) and that last option is what I find myself chasing and I think that last option is probably the cause of my issue (6 of my characters do PI and whilst PI bores me senseless because it is a chore it is in essence free money).

Ultimately you need to make ISK in the game to get the things you want to get and do the things you want to do, if you can afford to do that from your day job pay packet then that is great, if not you need to make the money in game, but then you end up chasing the ISK in game to buy the plex to get the next month, that I know is not conducive to fun and things not being a chore. So I am thinking of letting the 2nd account lapse to alpha, using just the one account (3 characters) and trying something different.

Because I am chasing the ISK I have forgotten the most important aspect of the game and that is to have fun… so what do you guys do for fun in game? How do you keep it fresh? What keeps you logging on?

I plex two accounts on a yearly basis. This can be achieved with just a bit of work for UberFoods (~20 deliveries per year per character) in the weekend/holidays. I use a bike so it’s healthy too.

Sad to hear you didn’t like null as Karmafleet or Ascendance have a great community out there. They have a lot of fun things to do and you just have to choose what you like most.

For fun, I mine belts in High Sec. I also do missions and salvage and loot every wreck. :slight_smile: To each their own.


@Aedaxus - thanks for the reply. If I went out to do a 2nd job I would need that money for other things in r/l, imo to do that eve then relaly is a second job.

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You could try to use only one character for high level dangerous exploration.

I do do that on occasion with the od superior or standard sleeper site and indeed that is different content. But as a whole, finding a group, i am finding that more difficult

Some things are much more simply stated than done, realized, or understood.

I feel like ‘have some fun’ is one of those things. You double back later in your own post essentially to ask what fun is.

I personally don’t know what you find fun, but you should think about it real hard, and not in terms of ‘what’, but ‘why’. It sounds like you like newness, as you initially take pretty well to a variety of situations, but that predictability makes these things boring, and that boredom makes things seem like a chore.

A dynamic environment sounds like your cup of tea, but it can be a cup of tea that’s hard to brew. Distilling things down to a win formula is an objective to most people, even if it becomes boring when the objective is realized. Same as losing your way because you focus on grinding isk, grinding ‘win’ might not be a whole lot of fun.

  • Have you given thought to starting your own corporation? Or looking for a corporation that makes it their goal to just shake up the status quo?
  • If you were having fun initially, are you certain you need those omega skills or all that isk to have that fun?
  • Do you want to fight for a reason or purpose? If so have you tried finding a group with the same purpose?

It is really hard to advise without knowing what it is you really want, and I’m not sure there’s an easy way to find that out. I’m just shooting in the dark and these ideas may be awful for you, but if you were having fun at certain points, I think there’s a spark in there somewhere that we haven’t identified that is key to offering better, more pointed suggestions.


Why do you say that? Is playing golf a second job? Is painting a second job? Almost every hobby you can have cost money, Money you get by (usually) having a job. How is Eve any different?

Dropping 40-50 dollars on a hobby you have each month is not really a lot, compared to other possible hobbies.

And if you want to consider the isk/hour aspect. By assuming minimum US wage, you get about 600 mill / hour of work. Can you say the same for your ISK grinding? How many hours have you spent doing boring stuff just to get ISK?

So if you can, get a single extra shift a month that you earmark for Eve online and never grind again.


I am pretty much similar to you in terms of trying different things, though I have not tried living in a WH, but I have used them a lot for moving stuff, which put me off.

I am back in hisec, I had a great period with Tactical Supremacy in nullsec in Catch, but the content had fallen off a bit and as far as I can see they were only interested in blapping Provi which I did not want to do.

So what I have done is set up back in hisec. And I have been setting myself objectives, mostly building things, but also trying new content like having fun with the FOB’s. So I have part of my stuff in my own corp playing like that.

What I have recently done is join up with a war dec alliance in the region I operate in, I put my secondary PvP character on this account in there and am about to put my main combat character on my second account in there too. There is a good bunch of lads who are having fun trying to exert control in a region and the good thing here is that they are just having fun with an objective which I actually support as I would love to see robust regional alliances develop that can kick butt and they appear to be doing that.

So you can actually do PI in hisec to make the ISK to plex your second account, perhaps with a little bit of lowsec PI for certain items. That is what I am going to be doing soon.

But what I am trying to say is that you should do different things with different characters, it makes the game a whole lot more fun.

Eve is a game. Something we play for entertainment. It shouldn’t be financially burdensome. While financial independence is a worthwhile goal - both in game and in real life, the wealth should come from an activity you enjoy. Struggling to “make your PLEX” each month basically turns the game into a job.

The dynamic aspects of Eve are player driven - politics and economics. The underlying mechanics provided by CCP are static - same thing every time and it’s hard to remain engaged unless you are participating in the metagame. For me, the enjoyment comes from studying the market, finding and exploiting opportunities. Basically, I’m running a business and my characters are my employees.

I make PI (in Highsec) but I don’t sell it to buy orders in Jita - I build it into T2 drones and sell them for much higher prices in smaller trade hubs - you need to analyse the value chain and determine which links are worth participating in. Eve markets are dynamic - ever changing and occasionally disrupted when CCP changes something. For me - that’s fun. Your mileage may vary!

After several years, most of my characters are fully trained for the job I want them to do, allowing me to use the accounts for skill farming - at that point, “making my PLEX” becomes painless.

@Qia_Kare - Indeed, i enjoy newness, be that new people, new space new situations and then when theose things become samey. I have thought about my own corporation but at the same time I think with me flitting into different things in game that it would not be a good place for people to be. I think I do need to omega skills, ive tried the game as an alpha and I didnt enjoy it. But your reply is good food for thought, thanks.

@Zeric - Hadn’t thoughtof it that way really, but I dont really get additional shifts or overtime, my wage (i am in the UK) has gone down in real terms after moving from contract to permanent work, but what you say makes sense, a years sub is about 6 hours worj for me (before tax) so yeah you are right really, I guess I find it hard to seperate that mindset. But if I could get a shift to earn a years sub then i dont have to concern myself with it again for a whole 53 weeks, that would be nice.

@Dracvlad - the stuff you are doing in high sec, are you doing that with others or solo, the FOBs for example. And I must admit I’ve been thinking about doing something liek a wardec group in high sec, Ive not done that kind of thing before and it may well be enjoyable. The PI in high sec, from what I gather, you need to be in a group that owns POCOs so you can just set up factory planets and push out p2 or p3. yield on high sec planets is really just not worth it I’ve found.


Blood Raider FOB’s I have done solo, well with two characters, I know people who do the Gurista’s one with a solo Rattlesnake. I am open to do it in a group however people need to know what they are doing otherwise it gets messy.

I put a character in Spectrum Alliance and am about to put a corp in, it is at least something to shoot and what I like about this group is that they are pretty relaxed and made up of a wide group of player types. If you don’t mind shooting structures and getting the occasional fight from the more belligerent types.

I generally found that any tax below 10% was worth extracting P1’s from. What I do is nab the ones with lower yield levels from low sec and I had a production planet for each P4, it easily hit 1.3bn of profit each month.

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You can only read the same book, or watch the same movie, so many times.

This is no different.

I’m one these characters that has bursts with eve then you won’t see me for months so I tend to not join alliances etc now because they kick you for being inactive.

I think to keep things fresh you need to do different stuff atm I been doing lvl5 abyssal space for isk and bit pvp on side in solitude and wh although generally solo you just die or out numbered so have to back off.

When I get bored these I will just log out tbh for a few months let account expire to alpha and wait for new content. Been around since 2006 not much I haven’t done tbh.

EVE ? Fun ? No no no I play other games for fun

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Was very casual until I started playing with Fusion Enterprises out in null. Then I never unsubbed from boredom. Always something to do, and the space they owned, we all treated like our neighborhood. Fleets were fun and not tense at all. First time I’ve been in a corp with next to no drama… if you want to fly spaceships with people you can genuinely call friends, fly with Fusion. You won’t want to leave. Real quality operation.

For the fleets and interaction thing, I found RVB (Red vs. Blue, basically a mostly friendly fight club, for any non-aged oldsters) to be great fun. From checking current info, seems the membership count has declined from old years. But-- It’s just an Our Fleet Will Punch Your Fleet Right in the Oysters if We Can fight club, and;
-The fights are affordable, and mightily intense. Mostly T1 frigs, dessies, and every single DPS or tank number counts.
-No commitment. Fleet up with people, discuss important and non-important topics, have no commitments, try to bust up other guys on the other side doing the same. Bastards!
ISK earnings from that: 0 to negative. But cheap, and fun.

For PLEXing accounts: The gravy is in nullsec, and that’s just how it works. If you do the same effort in high or low, you can divide by 10 or whatever. WHs are a different animal and a wildcard. I don’t know, but if it were me, I’d pay the bills with a null alt, and have fun with an RVB wardecced char.

I run incursions and flop between abyssal,sites and PVP.

@Do_Little - I’ve only just seen your reply, apologies.

My goal is to plex every month but I dont always acheive that so I plex where I can, you are right trying to literally chase the ISK to get the plex on a monthly basis turns it into a job and that sucks the enjoyment out of the game.

I’ve tried the industry side of things which went OK I guess, but what i found difficult was the research side of things. What to make, when to make it, places to sell outside main trade hubs, for some reason I always struggled with find that out, I am not sure if the people that do that tend to do something similiar in real life, ir they just have a knack for thinking that way, perhaps they even had a mentor of some description but I know its avoided me, with people in eve being (rightly) secretive about that kind of thing it is a bit difficult to obtain knowledge/resources.

My main has a lot of skills (about 130m i think) but my other 5 toons (plus 2 alphas) are pretty poor SP wise, I guess that again comes form my lack of focus in general within the game. I honestly am not sure how to rememdy it, but I know going from corp to corp is not a winning formula.

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I need thrashers. Delivered.

Want the job?

What keeps me logging in is the game itself.

I love sci-fi and space… The planets and moons are beautiful and varied, the structures look great.
Sometimes I fly ‘aimlessly’ around stations to check them out, sometimes I fly real close to suns and admire the view. There are suns much like our own but some are blue, red, green… beautiful.

The battles keep me logged in too, especially against NPC’s. The weapons are cool and so varied. The missiles are neat and fun. Blowing up NPC structures… KA-BOOM!! great big multiple explosions with neat concussion waves…Better than in a movie with all their expensive ‘special effects’.

The missions are revelant, varied and interesting. It’s like reading a Greg Bear’s book only I’m participating to the storyline.

I’m burned out on mining after two months of grinding with an Orca. I don’t like to be vulnerable to gankers with an inferiority complex in a pissing contest. Plus, the “regional average” percentages on returns is generally not in the player’s benefit. -90% on the sales for certain ores? Might as well not mine at all unless the ore is needed for building from blueprints.
I’ll start mining again when I decide to build stuff in my own industrial station… That’s still a long way off and by then I’m likely to see mining in a different light.

You’re mentioning joining Corporations and getting bored. That’s no surprise to me but my experience with Corps is a bit different than yours. Granted, I haven’t spent months into one, but I don’t need a schematic to get that I’m too innexperienced to play with the “big boys”.
I joined Pandemic Horde thinking I’d get some experience with PvP and all I ended up doing was searching for action that was happening someplace I knew not where.
Then, our system was invaded by an attacking fleet. I thought " sweet, finally some action I can learn from". Boy was I wrong ! All I learned was how to blow up and run to get another ship. Once I undocked, the fight had moved to an adjacent system and NO ONE in COMMs bothered to inform the newbies as to where the fight was going on and how to get someplace I knew not where. I asked and asked but the Big Boys were too busy having fun amongst themself, to hell with the newbies and the loot was theirs and theirs alone… So be it. I left Pandemic Horde because getting blown up and frustrated isn’t my idea of fun.

I’ve decided to stick with NPC missions until I get more and enough experience to join Factional Warfare. I doubt I’ll ever join a player’s Corporation again. They have good ‘selling speeches’ but the reality doesn’t match their boasts. All they basically want are mining slaves and throwing ‘bodies’ out in space with cheap vessels to get blown-a-gogo to occupy the ‘baddies’ and make diversions while the seasoned players fight and have their group fun in pissing contests… Not my cup of tea.

My view as a newbie in EVE and someone who has primarily played single-players games, is for newbies to stick to NPC Corporations and learn everything about EVE WITHOUT the help of other, more experienced players who look down on newbies and can’t be bother with " holding a newbie’s hand " then go for Factional Warfare, ignoring Players’ created Corps altogheter.
And forget the ‘Help Chat’ entirely: a den of basement-dwellers who have nothing to do but camp in ‘Help’ chat for the pathetic opportunities to make newbies feel even more inadequate and stupid, leading many of us to quit playing altogether.
I won’t quit playing, I’m stubborn that way. So PvE and FW is the way to go.

There is a breakdown in social interaction in the world today and it translates perfectly within the gaming community.