Fines and Fees to play in New Eden Highsec

Some kind of Minergeddon or Ore-athon?

I’m in. :+1:

P.S. Happy Forum Anniversary

I thought that zinger was funny.

Our Services:

Hunt and Destroy.
War Declarations
War Assist
Citadel Attack and Defence
Protection Services

We are what you are looking for mate

I am confused, why would I hire some form of goons to hunt down my Princess?

If you read the opening clearly you would have understood that it is not a complaint about the fees and fines more so that they had increased due to the now current price changes and that it was a heads up for other miners to sort their isk finances so that they can if needed to pay what Princess is owed on time!

Okay mr Meanie Hunter?

Final note, I had been issued a warning.

Woah there, Iceminer, let me just stop you right there.

Pay rent, on time each month, or get out of Highsec.

sure game ruining stuff happens all the time.

FYI After the evemail received today Frostpacker will no longer accept anymore fines as part of any extortion RP

I apologize if the way I had tried to Roleplay in New Eden caused an issue with other pilots here on the forum. That stype of RP like this thread wasn’t meant to cause a reaction as it had done going by what was said. As of today Frostpacker will no longer even contract support effects or send isk as the RP is now finished.

Please close and your evemail will remain private.
That is all,


What is EVE Online?

EVE Online is a community-driven spaceship MMORPG where players can play free, choosing their own path from countless options.

Participate in many in-game professions and activities, including war, politics, piracy, trading, and exploration, across 7,000 star systems with hundreds of thousands of other players.


You owe 3 billion isk, past due, plus 1 billion isk for termination of service.

That’s per character, plus late fees.

RP is now finished and the evemail in question was not even from you so it had nothing to do with you. It was my level of RP that Frostpacker was progressng towards resulted in a suggestion to stop. The evemail came from someone extremely more educated than you. It pointed out something that is rather unhealthy to the New Eden Community.

Moving forward Aiko Danuja You are no longer known as Her Majesty nor will you be given the respect in which you want from Frostpacker and…big AND

You are No Longer My Princess!

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What a loooooser.

Regardless, the deadbeat must pay his mining and roleplay fees.


I do not want to play into this extortionRP any longer as it is not healthy to the New Eden Community.

InterBus credits is coming to New Eden and there is nothing you can do to stop that!

As soon as I receive your cancellation payments, we will process your termination.

Are there any roleplay packages or add-ons that are focused on “ERP”?

Yes, Iceacid is subscribed to the punishment package.

Is there any cat stuff? Not like with actual cats, but, you know.

Of course! Cat ears for Aiko is just 1 billion isk to get started.

Let us guess the title will be “what happends to traitors of the cause”???

Just hope that it’s a worthy read and not like how that blog of yours had started to turn into like some tashy smut rag. Aiko Danuja had really let herself go, it’s rather sad to visit that blog of late.

Did you hire a new columnist?

I’m not the one who is disgusting.

Maybe your own behaviour is unhealthy for New Eden.

The same reason I no longer want to be a part of your RP. Do you even read your own blog?

I don’t want to point out the page on your blog but you Aiko are the one being disgusting.

Then seeing you talk about things that I never ever said to you or anyone. You went and edited that fanpage after I had copied what was written on your bio in respect to who Princess Aiko was on the Fan page remember that thread?

Chat logs won’t say that Aiko and you know that I am a lean wholesome person and even once left coms the moment a disgusting discussion started with Don that day. I use obs Aiko I won’t release to ccp unless it is required.