Fireworks Could/Should Cause Decloaking

What if fireworks decloaked ships? If you were willing to fit a fireworks launcher and use fireworks to decloak people within the firework’s radius, it would add some small counterplay and fitting choice when hunting these ships.

The cloaked ships would still need to be close to something targetable, and the firework explosion radius isn’t huge.

Right now, gate camps are allowed to strew 200 drones around the incoming stargate and use that to prevent cloaking by incoming ships. Something similar could be achieved with far less trash if the campers could shoot a firework to decloak enemies.

I am usually corrected (often with eyerolls) when I have ideas like this, but it seems marginally promising in my head, so maybe it is worth a little humiliation to find out why this would be terrible :man_shrugging:

Sounds reasonable to me. As of now, fireworks are not very useful unless I missed something.

You’re a terrible person :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Xeux is pronounced “Sucks”


I always pronounced it “Zooks”. Don’t take that away from me.

Yeah, I pronounce it Zooks, too.

A streamer once pronounced my last name as with a “vine” like a plant and that threw me off since I always pronounced it as a “veen”. Maybe I’ve been mispronouncing my own name wrong all these years… ■■■■ that, I prefer “veen” and I’m sticking with it.

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Just to throw something out there, what about “fireworks” that cloak stationary ships in the blast radius. Not sure it is a good idea, but something like that would make the game very different.

And snowballs that freeze engines for x amount of time…

Interesting, but do snowballs achieve something webs do not?

Nah. Snowballs should apply a temporary, random skin to the ship that got hit.

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webs slows you down. They, disable engines. Anyway, don’t go down that rabbit hole. It is as pointless as ideas here.

Do we have missiles already decloaking?

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Oh. I thought it was like “tshay-us”…ok, “sucks” it is then.
The X is such a wonderfully diverse letter.

Oh, and as far as your idea:


Gate camps would be much more visually diverse!

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