[Fitting] DPS details (breakdown)

For us less knowledgeable players.



seem nice idea to me

I also would like breakdown for capacitor consuming.

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This could make some tool tip boxes huge and obstructive, and pop up when i don’t want it to.

How about instead, when you open the show info window on a weapon, ship, drone etc and mouse over stats that are modified by equipment and skills then it gives you the full break down?

Or just don’t make it a tool tip but a separate window opening if you call for it by lets say clicking on the DPS number. Like a “show info” windows but for your ship’s DPS.


All of the above. Implementation details is up to the devs, just wanted to illustrate the idea. Which is : “More info, details and breakdown of whats affecting dps”. I’d love the same for cap, power and cpu as well!

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