[fitting simulator] should warn when using a cargohold extender with ship that have additionnal bay

eg venture has an ore bay :


DST has additional bay :


of course the epithal, the hoarder, the kryos, should also have those warnings. And the porpoise, orca, bowhead, well whatever ship has more than normal bay and drone bay.

In those cases there should be a white warning : cargohold does not increase additional bay size.

Ehrrrmm, no.

It’s called an extended CARGOhold, and it does just that: extend the cargohold.

Not the mineral hold, ore hold, drone hold etc, which of course are also called bays, not holds.

So it’s a double giveaway as it is.

Yeah, so what ?

How is your post related to what I am describing ?

All other holds or bays are named differently.

As an example, in an orca you have:
Drone Bay
Ship Maintenance Bay
Fleet Hanger
Ore Hold

@Doorn_en_Distel is disagreeing with you because the point they are making is: why do you need a warning that a hold extender only works on one type of hold or bay when it already tells you that ie it is specifically a cargo-hold extender.

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Yeah but so what ? I just don’t get how it should not be a warning.
Warnings are good for people who don’t understand well how the game works. Otherwise you most of the time ignore them. And eg newbro can fit a cargohold on their fresh venture, hopping to increase their ore bay.

There is already a warning when you fit an armor and a shield module. It’s not about the name, it’s about the effect.

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