Fix Botting by removing multiboxing from Alpha's

They were pretty open about it. Initial limitation should have restricted only mining and distribution missions of lvl 4 and above, but some technical issues (probably some spaghetti code, as always) prevented it and they had to close all lvl 4+ missions for alphas.

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One of the VMWare products allows the VM to directly access the GPU, easy enough on dedicated hardware with a single GPU.

Theoretically if someone did it on their main PC it may be possible to dedicate the onboard GPU to the VM on a smaller monitor and the external to the main screen. Directx in the VM may be spotty; it may work, or not.

*Disclaimer Educational purposes only.
I in no way take responsibility for what happens to someone who tries this, if it works, and CCP catch them at it.

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Thanks for the info, I’m happy to be corrected- not for botting purposes, but for general gaming or other graphics- heavy applications.

I’ve tried running EVE in a Fusion Pro and Parallels rig on Macs with discrete GPUs and it’s been an absolute dog regardless of how I tweaked the settings.

Are you thinking something like V-Sphere running on a bare iron install? I’d be a little depressed if somebody was using a rig like that to bot a game, but humans have done crazier things, I suppose :rofl:

That’s pretty much it, running it in an OS is where the fun starts.

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except it doesnt work. ive reported a number of times to ccp.

you can long on a handful of accounts if your fast enough with alt tabbing, even more if you you used a program (isboxer) which is banned for play but is allowed for logging in…

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(i assume you DONT know what is “box”)

Two persons playing alpha accounts on TWO COMPUTERS
(through the same connection)

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