FIXED: Latest update killed the launcher

Yesterday i updated EVE and withit the launcher. I choose to launch the game first and restart the laucher later. The game worked, but today, the new Launcher does only show the EVE logo splash screen and that’s it.

We get a tray that is partly disfunctional, as it’s black, which only shows the real content, when the mouse moves in the tray popup.

This all we get here:

Is there a way to DOWNGRADE oder reinstall the launcher?


make a copy of the sharedcache folder in APPDATA/LOCAL/CCP/EVE
wipe EVE from disk.
reinstall it from scratch
copy the folder back and rename your folder to match the newly created sharefolder name ( delete the installer created one before renaming )

game is back with all settings.

i have a mac i dont know how to do all of that. i can understand like two of those things

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