Fixers Corporation looking for new and experienced!

Fixers Corporation is a mainly EU timezone and few US player corporation with established High-Sec location made by the members for the members! If you are a new player looking for a easy going home or a veteran looking for a change of scenery and/or focus, read on!

At the moment we are mainly focusing on Industry as that is the main source of income for the corporation.
We have access to resources, stations and support, to make sure YOU have the best possible start in your adventures in New Eden.

We know how hard the first steps are in your first weeks as a new capsuleer so we have smoothed some of the rough edges and provide new players with a small ISK donation of 5,000,000 ISK and fitted starter ships which will help immensely finding your favourite ingame activity.

We offer:

  • Mining activites: HighSec/WH/Moon Ore
  • We have just appointed a PvE mission lead so WH and mission fleets are a GO!
  • Exploration
  • Manufacturing
  • Trading
  • Great news to those that want to shoot at live targets. In very near future we will start training and all will be under strict rules of engagement. Priority is having fun and making friends! If you like PvP, we got something for you coming up as well!

Especially miners will find their hands full with us!

We also have a Corp Buyback Program and we operate at 0% tax so you can start making money at the very moment you join us, safely!

We do not have many requirements from you but, what we expect is that you compel to the following:

  • A friendly team player
  • Respect blue associates
  • This is NOT a ganking corp, no actions against other miners, industrialists or explorers, no exceptions
  • This is a game, so have fun

So if you want to join a corporation where you can have a true influence where we go as a community, please do not hesitate to message me for further info or invitation ingame! We seek achievement in a good and honest way! Together!

Discord: Fixers Corporation

Fixers Corporation; honest members and ingame friends

Raman Pedel
Fixers Corporation Recruitment Officer


Cant DM you, but am interested.

Fixers, recruiting!

If you want to be a part of something great and be a part of building a community, DM me and we’ll have a chat!

Join and let us work together and build something great!

Recruitment is open, Don’t be a stranger!

Start your weekend well! Join us and have fun!

No better way to spend the weekend than finding new friends!

Screenshot of our weekly mining event! Join in on the fun!

Start your week right, join us!

Welcome to FXRS! Join us today!

Welcome to FXRS pilots! Where we build fun together!

Welcome to FXRS! Where capsuleers become friends!

Weekend is here! Come play with us!

Winter is here, days are short and you want to cuddle up indoors with some nice warm beverage, woolen socks in your feet and make new friends while enjoying a game you like? Apply now! :smiley: we are waiting…

Bumping! Recruitment is open. First mission runs lvl 4 this sunday! Fleet ops! yey

Mining changes are here! Come make your fortune with us!

:white_check_mark: Winter Event
:white_check_mark: Weekend
:x: Company to play with

Have no fear friend, join us today!

Remember! We welcome vets and new pilots alike!

Exciting news!
Corporate moon is live!
PvP events are a GO!

We are extending our activites to PvP aswell! Stress free fun pew pew. Come on in!

new year, new you? Apply now! :wink: