[NS] [CMWTH] [FXUN] Fixers Union - Nullsec Iskmaker!

Hello to all pilots.

Fixers Union is the nullsec based corporation of Fixers Corporation .
And we are under The Commonwealth. alliance.

What we looking for:

  • Mature and Active Players
  • Miners and industrialist
  • PVE and PVP players

More about Fixers Union:

  • Mostly focused on PVP, moon mining, manufacturing and reactions in Sov nullsec.
  • Access to nullsec gas huffing and moon / ice mining fleets.
  • Access to BLOPS fleets, ESS heist, roaming pvp fleets and large scale pvp fleets (2k+ players in local).
  • Provides buyback programme in nullsec.
  • Provides JF services within nullsec.
  • Low taxes for our stations maintenance

Join our Discord or send Eve Mail to us for application.

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/JvB2KBtWQq
Founder: Aaron Roos
CEO: Nomormercy

We look forward to hearing from you!

If you want access to nullsec space to make money, come join.

Looking for new members!


Nullsec corp is still recruiting.


Looking for new members!

Still Recruiting!

Come join us if you are ready to live in nullsec!

Looking for new members!



Looking for new members!

Fixers Union is still recruiting!

New ores up in nullsec!

For those who enjoy pvp, come join us on FXUN!