Fleet battleships

Altho many other hulls have a place in current fleets large or small I want to focus on the 4 best candidates:

Maelstrom-used as artillery platform despite having a useless bonus for fleet warfare,would replace the shield boost bonus for optimal range or tracking,plus small tweaks to align time,scan res,shield hp,sensor strength.

Rokh-rail platform high shield ehp:would move 1 low slot to medium,remove resist bonus replace with 5% dmg bonus,add small improvements as with maelstrom.

Megathron-used as brawling high dps platform currently-would replace tracking bonus with 10% optimal per level for hybrids,move 1 low to a medium slot,tweaks to fitting and stats.

Apocalypse-would increase optimal bonus to 10% per level along with adding enough fitting to support tachyons and small tweaks across the board.

maelstrom rokh and mega are all really good solo-small gang ships there is no need to change them your maelstrom change could very well kill its small gang use the rokh change is just OP and the megathron change would definitely kill its current usefulness in solo and make it much harder in small gangs.

frankly not every ship in eve is for large fleets and there is no reason they should be

don’t fly the apoc much but i do know it can fit tachyons it just needs a fitting mod like most ships who want to fit them


Both the Mael and Mega are already strategic fleet doctrine ships and work well in that role:

Maelstrom - TEST and Red Alliance
Megathron - Goonswarm

I can’t really see the need for those changes myself. They are fine as is.

Rokh is great as a solo sniping platform. Moving a low to a mid, while increasing tank options, would decrease damage and affect its current use.

Not saying that would be bad, just that it’s set up works well in its current use and a lot of people would be pissed with this sort of change, when there are already a number of good fleet battleships.

The four “odd” ships are the Rokh, Hyperion, Maelstrom and Abbadon. None are really well-suited towards PvE (which is a shame, as I’d fly the Rokh all the time if it was) with the possible exception of the Hyperion.

As has been pointed out, these probably play more of a roll in PvP so I suspect that they don’t really need any tweakng.

However, since each Empire already has four T1 battleships that are fairly encompassing - I wouldn’t mind seeing these four ships evolve into a new T2 class. Just an idea.

May I suggest mega beams? They are a tad easier to fit in case you also want a tank on an Apocalypse.

Why do you want tachyons on an Apocalypse? Is 148/168km not far enough for you?

The Rokh projects damage out to the ether or 223/274km. Why do you need more damage at that range?
With 425mm railguns, you have an alpha of 1725hp with 2x mag stabs.

An Abaddon with tachyons has a range of 118/143km and 3207hp alpha with 2x heat sinks on.

The Rokh trades damage with range, which sounds like a good deal to me.

The Megathron can stay as is. The Hyperion has 5 mid slots if you need. Gallente aren’t really known for fleet work but skirmishes, hence the armor rep bonus.


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