Fleet Beacon

Essentially a vanity item. It’s a temporary beacon structure that when placed emits a pulse of light every several seconds, and around it is a constant radio buzz indicative of military operations, with callsigns, various voices and other indicators. It’s very useful for fleets - fleet beacons are invisible and can not be scanned down in-system. When in a fleet and placed by the fleet commander (or any of her lieutenants) they are visible for the entire fleets and can serve as lock points for jumping. In the overview they have a distinctive color and they pulse. On grid (within several hundred kilometers) they are invisible for everyone, and can be destroyed.

The primary function of these devices is that they regulate arrival for the fleet in two ways

(1) any fleet that warps in arrives exactly at the same moment, using a unique triglavian subspace conduit recallibration equillobrator array, compensating for slow warp vessels as well as TiDi warp interference disruption ripples.

(2) the fleet command can pre-determine any of several a landing patterns. The fleet lands in a specified grid pattern, with types of ships arrayed as desired, in a spherical pattern around the Fleet Beacon, which size depends on some specified skill of the fleet commander (say, 50 kilometers plus 25 per skill level).

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Jumping or warping?

Can or can’t?

You my dear, are nitpicking.
It’s warp and can’t.
If it’s not I’m really lost but that’s ok because I love this:
triglavian subspace conduit recallibration equillobrator array

Just the name of it makes me happy and I want one even though I don’t need it most of the time.

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You’re too pessimistic. I’m just clarifying because it’s pivotal to the proposal which is correct.

If it’s jump then it’s an indestructible cyno beacon. If it’s warp then it’s a flashy fleet book mark.


I’m very confused. Why is this actually needed?

I think for making ships that are warping in somewhere arrive in a controlled way.
Like flying in formation only they are warping instead.

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I know, I saw those too, but I use warp and jump interchangeably so it didn’t really phase me much, can vs can’t just seemed like a simple typo. But you are right, both make a big difference in context.

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Why not just use warp formations?

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Personally I don’t know, I don’t have the skills for that and have never seen anyone use them. In fact I don’t know if anyone I know has used them either. I don’t really know what they do, so I’m guessing that @Khannea_Sun-Tzu does know what they do, and is asking for something they don’t do. However I don’t know that either, but what she’s suggesting sounds fun to me.
The skills you are asking about have sort of vague descriptions and are sort of expensive especially for someone who is rarely in a fleet.
I can think of a few ways I might make use of something like this though if it were to work as I think it’s being described.
I’m really not the person to ask I guess, I didn’t post it, I just like the concept.

Actually I have a question…
Do those fleet formation skills allow you to position a bunch of ships prior to warping in the way you want them to arrive after warping, and if so, do they all arrive at the same time? If so, you are right, I think those would work as well as the original request.

Why do I always want what I don’t have? CCP should figure out how to harvest this problem. If they do I’m screwed.

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yes relative fleet warp warps the entire fleet and holds them in the positions they were relative to each other when they land.

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Well heck, that’s half of what this post is requesting. All it needs then is for all the ships to arrive simultaneously.


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yeah… it does that too, just like all fleet warps

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