Flex structure useless for the small guys?

Since you can reinforce the armor and shield at the same time, you are able to put offline those service modules under any time zone. Plus they are not under automated POS guns anymore, you absolutely need a player to hop on the citadel guns to use the basic defenses of what the Flex structure can receive outside of a defense fleet. In other words completely defenseless when nobody is online.

Even if you are able to defend structure your enemy can just send guys outside of your alliance timezone and constantly reinforce it, potentially rendering the thing useless for a significant amount of time.

Were flex structure mean’t to be a burden to preserve during time of war and an attribute for time of peace?
The cyno inhib is one of the main weapon small entities can use to defend themselves versus bigger entity trying to make their living hard, but with this new mechanic it seems more easy for those bigger guys to put those defenses down.

If its working as intended then what is the best strategy to use cyno inhib? only put them down when there is a structure timer coming ahead? putting your flex structure down every time you go to sleep?

Thanks for reading o7.

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